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Alice is a very pretty adult female with a very quiet and gentle nature. She would suit a home without children. Aprilis a tiny tricolour female born April 2016. She is slightly cross eyed and a very timid girl but enjoys one to one attention with people she knows. April needs a quiet home where she can feel totally secure. Pretty adult female Bandita is affectionate and sociable. She was born in April 2010 and is spayed and fully vaccinated. Beanie is a grey and white short haired female born May 2011. Independant and healthy who loves fresh water she is always the first to the clean water bowls. Cant find her ? Just run the tap.





Bertie is an adult male cat. He is deaf, so will require a special home where he is safe from roads and other dangers.  We think Bertie also suffers with other disabilities as he has a slight wobble and tilts his head back when walking. He is the most affectionate of cats and has won over quite a few visitors. A gentle and good natured cat that would suit a home with a family. Bonita is a short haired black and white female born approx 2007. A lovely big  and healthy cat who is friendly and gentle with other cats and people.  She has very quirky markings on her face. Bushka is a semi-long haired Tricolour female. A very shy cat who prefers her own company. Born approximately 2010. Caramel is a short haired pale ginger and white female. Born August 2015. Very sociable and affectionate, she would make an ideal family pet.





Costa is a beautiful quiet boy that gets on well with other cats. After a mouth issue that involved some teeth removal he is now healthy and grooming well. Cora is a black and white short haired female born May 2012. A quiet cat that keeps herself to herself. Charmaine was rescued, along with her kitten Snowy, from a building site by concerned tourists. She is not much more than a kitten herself; we estimate that she is around 12 months old as of Sept 2017. A quiet affectionate cat that would be best suited to calm surroundings without other cats. Charlie is a short haired ginger and white male. He was left in a box at the shelter gates along with Jenny and Judy. A very sociable cat that enjoys both feline and human company. Born April 2017.





Charity is a chunky little female with a huge personality. Hand reared in foster care from a very small baby. Born approx early October 2017. Dyson is a beautiful long haired cat whose favourite thing is to drink straight from the tap! Dyson is incredibly laid back and loves a cuddle. Dec is a ginger and white male born 01.05.2017. Like brother Ant, Dec loves being cuddled and made a fuss of. Emily is a short haired pale ginger and white female. Born approx 2009. A very healthy cat who prefers cat to people ! She is shy and independant but enjoys being gently stroked.

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