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Alice is a very pretty adult female with a very quiet and gentle nature. She would suit a home without children.
 Estimated DOB July 2009
Aprilis a tiny tricolour female born April 2016. She is slightly cross eyed and a very timid girl but enjoys one to one attention with people she knows. April needs a quiet home where she can feel totally secure. Alfie had been discarded in a rubbish bin when just 5 months old. When he was found he only weighed 500grms and he had a badly infected eye. Nursed back to health in foster care he is now a lively affectionate and very mischievous boy. DOB October 2017.
Pretty adult female Bandita is affectionate and sociable. She was born in April 2010 and is spayed and fully vaccinated.





Beanie is a grey and white short haired female born May 2011. Independant and healthy who loves fresh water she is always the first to the clean water bowls. Cant find her ? Just run the tap.
Bertie is an adult male cat. He is deaf, so will require a special home where he is safe from roads and other dangers.  We think Bertie also suffers with other disabilities as he has a slight wobble and tilts his head back when walking. He is the most affectionate of cats and has won over quite a few visitors. A gentle and good natured cat that would suit a home with a family.
Estimated DOB April 2014.
Bonita is a short haired black and white female born approx 2007. A lovely big  and healthy cat who is friendly and gentle with other cats and people.  She has very quirky markings on her face. Bushka is a semi-long haired Tricolour female. A very shy cat who prefers her own company. Born approximately 2010.





Betty is a very pretty tricolour female born around April 2018. She was left at the shelter gates in a box when she was about 5 weeks old. Very sociable and playful and would love a forever home.
Caramel is a short haired pale ginger and white female. Born August 2015. Very sociable and affectionate, she would make an ideal family pet. Cora is a black and white short haired female born May 2012. A quiet cat that keeps herself to herself. Charlie is a short haired ginger and white male. He was left in a box at the shelter gates along with Jenny and Judy. A very sociable cat that enjoys both feline and human company. Born April 2017.





Carmen is a petite long haired ginger female born sometime during April 2018. She was found wandering alone on a beach by tourists and brought to the shelter. A very playful, affectionate and sociable cat. Dec is a ginger and white male born 01.05.2017. Like brother Ant, Dec loves being cuddled and made a fuss of. Dusty is a grey and white male who somehow found his own way in to the shelter. A lovely little cat that adores cuddles and snuggling up with the bigger cats. Born sometime during April 2018. Emily is a short haired pale ginger and white female. Born approx 2009. A very healthy cat who prefers cat to people ! She is shy and independant but enjoys being gently stroked.




Eddie is a very handsome male tabby. He was found as a young kitten lost and alone close to the Argos charity shop. He is growing into a very confident and sociable boy. Estimated DOB is mid June 2018. Elsa is a female tabby, born approximately March 2017. She was brought to Argos in February 2018 after being cruelly abandoned by her owners when they left the area. A small, happy cat with a huge amount of love to give. Flower is a short haired Tricolour female born July 2015. Very affectionate and sociable, she would make the perfect family pet.

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