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Elsa is a female tabby, born approximately March 2017. She was brought to Argos in February 2018 after being cruelly abandoned by her owners when they left the area. A small, happy cat with a huge amount of love to give.
Flower is a short haired Tricolour female born July 2015. Very affectionate and sociable, she would make the perfect family pet. Fluffy is a long haired Tabby female that was confiscated from a hoarder. We are not sure of her age but we estimate she was born in 2012. She is extremely timid and needs an owner that can give her lots of attention so that she can regain her confidence and trust people again. Freedom is a tabby male who turned up in the cattery one day and decided to stay. Very friendly and sociable with both humans and other cats. DOB estimated as June 2017.





Godfrey has tested FIV positive which means he caries  a virus. This virus is no danger to humans but means that he is looking for a home with no other cats. Godfrey can still live a full and happy life and remains adorable and loving. Gladys is a short haired ginger female born approx 2010.
Another favourite with the school children. Super friendly but not demanding. A relaxed, gentle cat who would suit any home.
Ginger came to Argos in 2015 when her owner became too ill to care for her. Loves attention, especially tummy rubs. Born 2013. George came to Argos after being rescued following a car accident and spending several months at the vets. The accident has left him with impaired mobility so he lives in a secure area of the cattery with the other disabled cats. A very content cat who loves attention and to have his very thick coat brushed. We are unsure of his exact age but estimate he was born sometime during 2012.





Hoppy was found in the road having been hit by a car or a bike. Despite his paralysed leg he gets about quickly and is a lively little boy. He may need an amputation wen he is older and stronger but deserves a very special home to care for him. Male born June 2012. Harry is a large tabby male that was brought to the shelter after a long recovery at the vets following a vicious attack by a dog. He was very lucky to survive. DOB approx May 2012. Hope was saved from a rubbish bin when still very young; her front and back right legs were deformed and it looked like she would have to have the rear leg amputated as the deformity was quite severe.
After enduring a splint on the front leg and weeks of vitamin injections plus lots of love in foster care, both legs are now normal and she can run, jump and play with the other cats. Full of mischief and a very affectionate little girl.
DOB is estimated mid to end August 2017.
Iris is a tricolour female born approx 01.05.2017. Sister of Ant, Dec and Mabel.





Jester is a short haired peach,grey and white female born April 2012. Daughter of  April. A beautiful, gentle, friendly cat who enjoys a cuddle. Often over looked as she isnt inquisitive enough to see who is visiting. At the front of the queue when the food is out though. Jamie, was a very shy cat, but as he has matured into an adult cat he has grown in confidence and now quietly enjoys being fussed over. A healthy, friendly boy who loves having his head and ears tickled. Jake, is an older boy who is used to a home. He lost his back leg and a few toes in a trap as a kitten. Born in approx 2004, long haired and a friendly guy. Jakes previous owners had to leave him behind when illness devestated the family. Jodie is a short haired Tricolour female born approximately May 2015. Following a road accident she was rescued by an Argos supporter who paid for her vet care and operation to remove her front right leg. On arriving at Argos she was very timid but has blossomed in to a very affectionate and sociable cat. Her disability does not impede her at all and she would be a lovely family pet.





Jenny is a tricolour female, born April 2017. A very affectionate little cat that loves hugs and cuddles. Good with other cats too. Judy is a tricolour female, born April 2017. Judy was very timid when first taken in but has learnt to trust us and enjoys lots of attention. Keo is a very sociable boy he's approximately six years old.
Keo was brought to the shelter after he was found hanging around a local taverna and was considered to be a nuisance.
Keo is deaf and is now safe in the shelter but he would make a lovely companion cat for someone who can give him lots of attention. Keo would need a new home without any other cats as he is also FIV positive but this should not preclude him from living a full and happy life.
Kyan is a ginger and white male. His estimated year of birth is early 2016. A very quiet, relaxed cat who prefers his own company but does enjoy being among the humans.


Kopalitsa is a tabby and white female. She was rescued by tourists who found her with horrific injuries to her lower back, probably due to some kind of burn, and she was also missing her tail. All healed now, she is a super little cat with loads of love to give. Estimated DOB June 2017.

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