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Lenny is a short haired tabby and white male born 31/08/2012 brother to Lars, Lionel, Luke and Seth, son of  Mum. Plays at being shy but really he likes to be gently stroked. Loves to play, is healthy and happy with a good appetite. Luke was born around august 2012. He was one of a large litter found on the balcony of an empty appartment . His mother "mum" was doing a good job of looking after her kittens but as they grew bigger their life was in danger as they could easily have fallen from the high balcony whilst playing. Luke loves the company of his siblings and is a quiet sweet boy. Neutered and vaccinated. Lenos is a short haired peach male born March 2014. Like Billy, he came to us initially as a boarder but his owners did not want him back. Very sociable and affectionate. AMap was originally rescued as a very young kitten by an Argos foster mum. Map had a deformed and nerve damaged left front leg which the vet tried very hard to save but it became obvious that the leg would be useless so it was amputated. The volunteer had wanted to keep Map herself but became worried that her dogs might pick on Map because of her disability and so she was brought in to the sanctuary. Map was born approx August 2013 and is a very happy and playful cat who loves cuddles and has many friends. She is spayed and fully vaccinated. n ideal family pet. Leo is a short haired Ginger and white male born June 2011. Now losing his shyness, he loves tummy rubs and cuddleMaggie May, Tricoloured  short haired female born August 2012, a small very pretty cat he adores being cuddled, she is very placid and friendly. she has a delicate tummy requiring food for a sensitive stomach, otherwise a healthy cat. 



marty mcfly


Meme, Grey and peach short haired adult female. Quiet, friendly, undemanding, likes company but doesn't crave it. Happy around both humans and other cats. A beautiful girl. Marcella is a long haired tortoishell female born April 2014. She has a fabulous character and loves to chatter. Extremely affectionate, she loves the company of other cats and humans. Marty is a black and white long haired female born in August 2012. A very loving, affectionate girl who would fit right in to a family. Megan is a long haired tricolour female. Her date of birth is unknown but we estimate it to be May 2014. Megan is another cat that was rescued following a car accident and brought to us after recovering at the vets. She shuns the company of other cats but loves human attention.




mini mau

Misty is a long haired grey and white female born sometime during 2011. She is a very shy cat but would thrive with the right owner. Milo is a tabby and white long haired male and was born June 2016. A very cheeky playful boy who loves attention. He is very sociable and just loves everybody. Malcolm was found living on a rubbish dump with no water or food present. After gaining his trust he was caught, taken to the vets and neutered then brought to Argos. A very chilled and confident cat that will need a home with plenty of land as he loves to spend his time out of the cattery. Born October 2015. Mini Mau is a tabby male that was rescued by Norwegian tourists. Loves being with people and good with other cats too. Born June 2015.





May is a tabby and white short haired female. A quiet, relaxed girl who enjoys attention and likes to drape herself around shoulders like a scarf. Enjoys the company of other cats too. Born May 2016. Mabel is a dark tricolour female. DOB approx 01.05.2017. Sister of Ant, Dec and Iris. Mitch is a grey and white short haired male. Loves attention and mixes well with other cats. DOB estimated as April 2017. Nutkin is a big brown and white tabby born August 2009. One of six cats abandoned at the shelter, he shuns the company of other cats and is slowly regaining his trust in humans.


Nicos is a black and white short hair male. Born approx September 2016. Rescued by tourists in Protaras and brought to Argos September 2017. Sight in right eye is slightly impaired. Very sociable and affectionate.

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