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Scarlet is a ginger long haired female born in June 2016. She lives in the quiet disabled cats area as she is a little timid and gets bullied by the cats in the main area. A lovely affectionate little girl who needs a quiet home with no other animals or small children. Scooter is a tabby and white female. Date of birth 01.04.2017, she was found huddled together with her sisters on the beach dangerously close to the water. Her sisters are Roxy and Patch. Sasha is a long haired pale grey and peach female. A quiet undemanding cat who mixes well with the other cats and likes a cuddle and being brushed. DOB estimated as April 2017. Sonja is a very pretty Grey/Peach/White female and was born sometime during March 2018. Very sociable and playful.





Sidney is a ginger and white male, full of mischief and very affectionate. He was found by an Argos volunteer on a supermarket car park clinging to the body of his dead mum. He has recovered from that trauma and would be a super family pet.
Tina is a beautiful long haired cat and has a quiet nature.
Estimated DOB June 2011.
Tibbles is a sweet natured male kitten that was rescued from the grounds of a hotel . Born July 2011 neutered and fully vaccinated. Taliana is a very shy little girl that would benefit from an experienced cat owner who can teach her trust and give her plenty of love. Taliana is missing half of her tail. Female Born May 2012.





A pretty girl and friendly too, Topsy was brought to us when left by her family with a neighbour, who never came back for her. an adult, healthy female who is finding her place at Argos. as she is used to family life she would settle straight in ! Thomas is a short haired ginger male born July 2015. A happy, cheeky boy who loves being with other cats and humans. He would make a delightful pet. Tonto is a large short haired male born August 2012. Tonto is very timid and hides away most of the time while the humans are around but he has been seen snuggling up with other cats at times. A special owner is needed for Tonto who can give him trust and confidence again. Theo is a smokey grey long haired male born around April 2016. A very cheeky boy; he just melts everyones heart. All Theo needs is a comfy bed, food and an owner who can sit and cuddle him all day long.




Victoria was born June 2009, Victoria has amazingly beautiful green eyes. She is a real poser.... she knows she is beautiful ! A very confident and healthy girl who is friendly with both people and other cats. Along with Robina , Zorro and Maggie May poor ziggy came to the sanctuary from the local municipality. They were brought n a plastic buckey covered in their won mess and urine and it was some time before they began to blossom. Ziggy is a quiet kitten born approximately August 2012 and loves the company of Zorro to whom she is very attached. Ziggys name comes from the distinctive Ziggy Stardust lightening flash marking on her forhead. Zak is a small tabby male born April 2014. Another of our blind cats that need a special home. He is quite shy but with lots of one to one attention we are sure he would blossom in to a lovely pet.

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