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Dogs are re- homed on a daily basis; so if you see a dog that you are particularly interested in do call us, on (00357) 99326045, before visiting to avoid disappointment. (Click here to see cats to adopt)





Apollo is a German Shepherd crossed with possibly pointer.  He was born approximately March 2011.  Apollo is a very active and alert dog and will need a home that can give him plenty of time and exercise. Vaccinated. Ace is a small to medium size terrier cross male dog. He was born approximately 2015.  He is super friendly and active and enjoys the company of people and other dogs.  Ace has a very slight overbite and is missing one tooth on his lower jaw but that does not stop him looking very appealing.  He would make a great pet for an active family who enjoy walks and play time.  Neutered and fully vaccinated.
Arthur is still a puppy, not yet a year old. He measures 55cm to the shoulder and is vaccinated . Arthur has plenty of energy and is sociable and good with people and other dogs. He is very interested in cats but shows some inclination to chase so a home without cats would be better for Arthur. Arthur is simply needing a home who will love and care for him, give him basic training and appreciate he can be a bit of a clown sometimes! If you would like to know a little more about happy chap or are interested in adopting him please contact Argos. Video available to anyone interested in him. Possible to export if necessary.
This male mini pointer cross is called Archer .  Archer was born in approximately 2013 .  He is a sweet natured dog.  A little nervous of new situations but is gentle and will come to you for a cuddle .  He will need a quiet home with no small boisterous children. Archer is not a demanding dog and he would live happily with another dog in the home.  Neutered and vaccinated.





This little terrier mix is called Aviva.  She was born in approximately October 2015 and measures 25cm shoulder height.  Aviva has taken some time to settle as she was a little fearful when she first arrived at the shelter.  Now she is ready to find her forever home.  Because she is nervous of loud noises and new situations Aviva would be better in a quiet home with no children.  She gets on very well with other dogs and plays well with them and enjoys their company but she does not like cats.  She will not chase them but she has fear of them.  Fully vaccinated and spayed.
Shy German shepherd Bella was found tied up in a house after her owner had died. The piece of rope around her neck had become tight and understandably Bella is still affected by her ordeal. She will need a home that can give her time, love and understanding.Fully vaccinated. Bailey is brother to Staffie cross pup Bandit and like his brother is a healthy and happy pup that loves his toys. Fully vaccinated. Buddy was born in approximately February 2011.  He is a small, energetic dog who is a little shy of strangers at first. Buddy has been vaccinated and neutered.





Blaise is a small 30cm shoulder high terrier mix dog.  He was born approximately 2011.  Blaise is a little nervous of strangers and has not had much socialising.  He would benefit from a quiet home with no small children.  Vaccinated. Beanie is a loving dog, gentle and quiet and he is eager to please.  Still needs  building up as he was in very bad condition when found.  Large ears. slim body. Born aprox January 2012. He is fully vaccinated and neutered. Bob is a big hunting dog cross Labrador.  Good solid build.  Bob likes to be in charge.  He likes attention and will follow you everywhere!  He will make a loyal dog with basic training and in good capable hands. Fully vaccinated and neutered. Blackie is a male terrier cross born in 2012    . He measures shoulder height 35cm.  Blackie lived in a home but the owner became sick and so he was surrendered to Argos.  Although Blackie is coping with shelter life he misses his home life where he had loving arms to comfort him every night.  A super charming dog who gets on well with other dogs but is not so keen on cats.  Fully vaccinated and neutered.





Blue is a Labrador cross born March 2016. He measures 50cm shoulder height. Blue is a very sociable dog. Very easy going, friendly and loves to walk and play.  Blue is a very clever dog and learns things very quickly.  Blue just loves the company of people and other dogs but he has a tenadancy to chase cats.  He is super character and will make a wonderful loyal family dog. Neutered and fully vaccinated.
Cher is a female labrador cross breed and will make a medium size dog. A little nervous of strangers but is great in the company of other dogs. Will make an Ideal family pet. Vaccinated. Chianti is a black labrador cross pup. With her brother having been killed on a nearby road the frightened pup retreated into a sea cave to frightened to come out. A local fisherman eventually managed to coax her out with food and brought her to the sanctuary. Chianti is still a nervous pup around people but enjoys to watch the other dogs play. We are sure that with love and patience it wont be long before this pretty pup comes out of her shell and joins in the fun. Fully vaccinated. This lovely dog is called Cooper.  Cooper is a male mix breed and measures 37cm shoulder height with a semi long coat.
He was born in approximately May 2015.  Cooper is a shy boy.  He needs a quiet gentle home with a family who has time to socialise him with the big outside world and give him basic training. Cooper has never known the love of a family and so this boy needs that special understanding home with lots of love to give. He is neutered and vaccinated.





Connie is a very pretty Labrador cross. She was born in August 2015.  Connie is a fun and playful girl and really enjoys the company of people. Cats are not a problem and Connie is quite gentle with them. Connie is a quick learner and very intelligent.  She would be a perfect family pet for a family who enjoys walking and playtime with her.  Vaccinated Cassey is a female yellow labrador born 17.11.2012.  She measures 57cm shoulder height.  A typical labrador who loves her food and has an exuberance for life. An very active girl. Cassey does not like being handled by the vet. She likes people and some other dogs but can be dominant with other females. Knows basic commands. House trained. Spayed, vaccinated and microchiped.
Destiny is a wirehaired Lurcher cross Deerhound.  She was born around October 2015 and measures 52cm shoulder height.  Destiny came to the shelter with a broken leg but this has been attended to and she is very active and playful.  A gentle and loving dog who has trust in everyone she meets. She gets on very well with other dogs but cats are not her favourite and she will chase them.  If you are looking for a gentle and loyal family dog then Destiny would be just the perfect pet.  Spayed and vaccinated. How can anyone resist this cute little dog?  With her big brown eyes and soft wavy coat.  A nice small dog which will fit in with any home.  She loves cuddles. Delia measures 25cm shoulder height and was born in 2015.  She is a long haired Terrier cross Kokkoni.
Delia was rescued from a local dog pound where she was due to be euthanized.  Delia has blossomed so well and just adores to be cuddled and she is very good with the other dogs.  Cats she finds a little scarey. She is spayed and fully vaccinated.

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