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Meet little Dottie. A doggy live wire! She is a cute little dog measuring 37cm shoulder height. Dottie was born in approximately January 2017. She has an old scar down her back. We have no idea what caused it but it could well be a chemical or hot oil burn. Despite this Dottie is sociable, happy and a little whirlwind. She is a terrier mix an is a reasonably delicate build and not too big. Dottie is great with people and other dogs but cats are not her favourite animals so a home without cats would be good for Dottie. Fully vaccinated and spayed. This is Evi.  A very shy pointer cross born approximately November 2010.  Evi will need a patient home who can bring out her courage and character.  Vaccinated. Ella is a female hunting breed born approximately June 2012.  She is a good solid dog and has beautiful colouring.  Will need basic training but has a lot of love and loyalty to give.Vaccinated and spayed.




Fay is a Manchester Terrier mix. She was born about June 2016. She measures 47cm shoulder height. Fay is good with other dogs but dislikes cats and will chase them. This lively, agile breed is best suited to active families, as they enjoy brisk walking every day and all-out running whenever they can get it. Fully vaccinated, healthy and spayed and ready for a new home. Hera is one of 7 siblings born to a German Shepherd.  She was born in approximately March 2011 and 5 of her siblings are still at the shelter.  They are all black in colour and all will need patience and basic training.  Hera is the nervous one of the family so will need an owner who has a quiet home.  Vaccinated and spayed. On the morning of 4th September an unexpected sight greeted the animal carer at Argos Sanctuary in the form of a very sorrowful looking male Pointer. He was in very poor condition with a thin coat and a very skinny body. The poor boy was looking terribly sad and down trodden. Late in the day a young man contacted us to tell us he had found the dog when out walking his own dog the evening before and came to the shelter to apologise for having to leave the dog there.  The sanctuary was closed when he finally got there so wrapped Hunter in a blanket and gently lowered him over the gate to keep him safe. He gave him the name Hunter. Hunter was terribly fearful and had no confidence at all.
This poor thin and dejected looking boy has now blossomed into a fabulous looking dog.  Despite his experience he is actually a very loving dog, a bit of a clown and just wants to be loved.  He is playful and wanting to please. Hunter still gets a little nervous of new surrounding but his confidence has come on in leaps and bounds.
Hunter measures 60cm shoulder height and was born in 2014.  He is fully vaccinated, has a microchip and a passport and is neutered.




This lovely little dog is called Jazz.  She was born in January 2016, measures 30cm shoulder height and is a Kokkoni mix. breed .She was saved from a local pound with her 3 puppies.
Jazz is a very easy going and sociable little dog.  She likes to be with people and she is good on the leash.  Other dogs are not a problem for her.  However, she does not like cats at all!  Jazz would make a very lovely pet.  She likes to be cuddled and also enjoys long walks.  A very pretty little girl.  Children would be okay but suggest they are not toddlers.
Jazz is fully vaccinated, spayed and has a full passport which includes a microchip.  What Jazz really craves for is human attention and touch in a loving family.
Koula is a Pointer/ Labrador cross.  She was born in approximately 2009.  Koula is very timid of people and really has to get to know a person before she trusts them.  Who can understand what her past life must have been like?  Because of this Koula will need a quiet and patient home which has time to give her love and affection and help her learn to trust again.  Vaccinated and spayed. Lolly is a female cross breed/ part hunting dog born 2008. This shy dog will need a quiet home with no other dogs. Vaccinated.




Luna is one of 7 siblings born to a German Shepherd.  She was born in approximately March 2011 and 5 of her siblings are still at the shelter.  They are all black in colour and all will need patience and basic training. Luna is the most sociable and affectionate of the siblings and is happy to be petted.  Vaccinated and spayed. Lola was born in May 2014.  She is a German Shepherd cross.  Lola has had a bad start to life but despite this is a very loyal and trusting dog.  She has the most unusual brown colour coat.  Unfortunately Lola is blind in one eye but this does not stop her enjoying play with the other dogs.  Lola will need a home who has time to give her some training and plenty of excersise.  Vaccinated and spayed. Lady is a pretty easy dog. She was born in approximately January 2016 and is a mix breed measuring 47cm shoulder height.  Lady is active and interested in new things. Walks good on the leash.  Confident and loves people.  She loves swimming and she likes other dogs company very much.  Cats are no problem to her, she does not take much attention to them at all. We think Lady would suit people who like to walk and take Lady on new adventures.


Linda is husky mix pointer x German shepherd. Certainly a very unusual looking dog. She was born approximately 2015 and measures 55cm shoulder height.  Linda was reported as being kept in terrible conditions with her 4 puppies so the Argos team went to investigate. 
The cage was small with no shelter from the sun, the owners decided they did not want to keep Linda anymore although they had loved her, now she had puppies and it was a problem! 
So Linda and puppies came to Argos,
Linda is ready to have a home.
Linda is active, sociable, loving and wants to please.  She does not like cats but other dogs and people are good!  With one blue eye, one brown eye and some husky texture on her fur but not long and thick.  Everyone who sees her thinks she is stunning and looks like a wolf or fox. 
Her coat is chocolate brown with some light brown also.  Linda is spayed and fully vaccinated and looking for a loving family home.

Dogs are re- homed on a daily basis; so if you see a dog that you are particularly interested in do call us, on (00357) 99326045, before visiting to avoid disappointment.

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