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This is Evi.  A very shy pointer cross born approximately November 2010.  Evi will need a patient home who can bring out her courage and character.  Vaccinated. Fay is a Manchester Terrier mix. She was born about June 2016. She measures 47cm shoulder height. Fay is good with other dogs but dislikes cats and will chase them. This lively, agile breed is best suited to active families, as they enjoy brisk walking every day and all-out running whenever they can get it. Fully vaccinated, healthy and spayed and ready for a new home. Hera is one of 7 siblings born to a German Shepherd.  She was born in approximately March 2011 and 5 of her siblings are still at the shelter.  They are all black in colour and all will need patience and basic training.  Hera is the nervous one of the family so will need an owner who has a quiet home.  Vaccinated and spayed.




Koula is a Pointer/ Labrador cross.  She was born in approximately 2009.  Koula is very timid of people and really has to get to know a person before she trusts them.  Who can understand what her past life must have been like?  Because of this Koula will need a quiet and patient home which has time to give her love and affection and help her learn to trust again.  Vaccinated and spayed. Luna is one of 7 siblings born to a German Shepherd.  She was born in approximately March 2011 and 5 of her siblings are still at the shelter.  They are all black in colour and all will need patience and basic training. Luna is the most sociable and affectionate of the siblings and is happy to be petted.  Vaccinated and spayed. Lola was born in May 2014.  She is a German Shepherd cross.  Lola has had a bad start to life but despite this is a very loyal and trusting dog.  She has the most unusual brown colour coat.  Unfortunately Lola is blind in one eye but this does not stop her enjoying play with the other dogs.  Lola will need a home who has time to give her some training and plenty of excersise.  Vaccinated and spayed.




Misty is a cross breed possibly Beagle/Pug. She is a shy little girl that tends to get a little bullied by the other dogs so is looking for a home where her confidence will grow. She is around 7 months old and loves a cuddle. Fully vaccinated. Max was confiscated from his owners in 2012 and rescued from a life of starvation and tethered from the age of 3 months until he was 3 years old when confiscated by Argos.  He had many issues with food mainly and also because he had never had any interaction with humans and other dogs, he was not very sociable and never knew how to play with dogs.  He is slowly recovering after a lot of hard work, beginning to trust humans again and he sometimes even plays with a specific dogs.  His eyes do not have that vacant look anymore and is learning how to live with a pack and share.  He is neutered and fully vaccinated and would make an ideal pet where there are no children or other dogs. Mavrou was rescued by Argos from Kiti town in 2011 when she was just 2 years old.  She was not socialized then as she had spent most of her time alone in a cage and it took many years for her to lose her fear of humans and allow interaction.  She is of a gentle disposition, shares her kennel with other dogs, avoids any form of conflict and would make an excellent companion to a couple that do not need an active dog.  She likes  quiet and a comfortable warm place to sleep and a bowl of food and not particular as to brands or special diets either.  She has sight only in one  eye and  is spayed.




Born approx 2006. Natalie is a Beagle cross. Natalie is a quiet, good natured girl, she is calm and sensibleand gets on well with other dogs. She would make an ideal pet for the family. Spayed and vaccinated. Naomi is a German Shepherd cross Labrador with a lovely thick coat. Born in approximately January 2014. She is a big dog with a soft heart. Naomi was found wandering amongst cars on a very busy road.  Unfortunately her owners could not be found. Very easy going but is strong on the leash and will require basic training.  A genuine dog who is very eager to please.  Spayed and vaccinated. Pepper is a German Shepherd mix breed who was born in April 2014.  She and her siblings were born to a very beautiful brown German Shepherd mix called Lola.  Lola and her puppies were taken from an unsuitable home in May 2014. Lola had been chained up and allowed her year after year to be bred with.  Both mother and puppies were uncared for, thin and totally neglected. They are now all healthy and ready for new homes.  Pepper can be a little shy at first but soon relaxes when she has met you a few times.  She is a gentle natured dog and is of a quite nature.  She will need good basic training and a home who has time to spend with her, walk her and give her reassurance and love. Pepper is vaccinated and will be spayed before adoption.



This little boy is called Rocky.  He is a Pekingese cross and was born in approximately 2015.  Rocky is a small dog with a big character. He really is the boss amongst his pack.  He has crooked teeth and an overbite but this makes him even more appealing.  Rocky was due to be put to sleep by the pound he was in because he had an unpredictable behaviour but we decided to give him a chance and work on his socialising.  Who knows what this little guy had experienced in the past to make him so distrusting.  He is coming along just great but still has issues with quick movements from people .  Rocky needs a very understanding home which is quiet and no children.  A home which has time to be patient with him, show him what love is all about and time to spend with him.  A retired couple who want a companion and enjoys short walks would be ideal. Reef was abandoned on a local beach with his four siblings and their mother.  The mother Ariel was only ten months old herself!  Reef is a small black and tan puppy with amazing markings, who will still be a small dog even when fully grown.  Reef is now a confident little puppy and he is doing well despite the bad start he had in life.  Reef is now living in the Argos Shelter. 
As Reef will be a small dog he will  make a perfect pet for any home environment.  Reef is good with people, children and other dogs and cats.
We would very much to like for Reef to find his forever home as soon as possible as he is such a small puppy and too young to be living in a Shelter.

Dogs are re- homed on a daily basis; so if you see a dog that you are particularly interested in do call us, on (00357) 99326045, before visiting to avoid disappointment.

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