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This is Evi.  A very shy pointer cross born approximately November 2010.  Evi will need a patient home who can bring out her courage and character.  Vaccinated. Ella is a female hunting breed born approximately June 2012.  She is a good solid dog and has beautiful colouring.  Will need basic training but has a lot of love and loyalty to give.Vaccinated and spayed. This gorgeous girl is called Ellen, she is a Segugio Italiano mix and measures40cm shoulder height. When Ellen was found she was in a distressed state, terribly thin with sores on her body and also a very bad skin condition.  She has recovered beautifully.  A stunning dog who is loyal, playful and sweet natured. 
Freddy is a mix breed born approximately 2014. Freddy measures 49cm shoulder height and has a docked tail. He is a very easy going dog who loves attention and is well socialised.  Freddy likes the company of other dogs and even cats are no problem for Freddy.  He will need basic training but already walks well on the leash.  A real gentle dog who would make a loyal companion and a great family do.  neutered and vaccinated.





Guy is a small Pointer cross breed and was born approximately early 2013.  He has had a pretty tough life before judging from some scars on his face and body.  He was probably kept in a cage alone for endless hours without the company of people.  However, this boy is remarkably gentle and learning every day that people can be kind and can be trusted.  Guy will need a quiet and understanding home who will allow him to develop more confidently at his own pace.  A home without young children would suit Guy.  He gets on well with other dogs and gains confidence when he is around another dog.  Guy is neutered and vaccinated. Hera is one of 7 siblings born to a German Shepherd.  She was born in approximately March 2011 and 5 of her siblings are still at the shelter.  They are all black in colour and all will need patience and basic training.  Hera is the nervous one of the family so will need an owner who has a quiet home.  Vaccinated and spayed. Holly is a mix breed born around October 2015.  She measures 50cm shoulder height.  Holly is a quiet and calm girl and a little nervous of new surroundings.  She is gentle and undemanding.  Her very nature requires a quiet home who has time to give her love and reassurance to help her gain that confident to face new situations.  She would be a loving and loyal companion to the right owner.  Spayed and fully vaccinated
Jed is a Beagle mix hunting dog and he was born approximately April 2013.  Jed is very sociable, active and intelligent. He is a dog who will need some basic training but will be quick to learn new things.  Jed is partially sighted in one of his eyes but this does not stop him having fun and enjoying life to the full.  Good with cats and other dogs.  neutered and vaccinated.





Judy is a pointer mix born in December 2013.  She is a very playful and sociable dog.  Judy would be a great family dog who will need some basic training.  A wonderful sweet natured girl.  Vaccinated. Koula is a Pointer/ Labrador cross.  She was born in approximately 2009.  Koula is very timid of people and really has to get to know a person before she trusts them.  Who can understand what her past life must have been like?  Because of this Koula will need a quiet and patient home which has time to give her love and affection and help her learn to trust again.  Vaccinated and spayed. Kobi is a magnificent looking male Doberman.  He was born in approximately 2012 and measures 55cm shoulder height.  Kobi is an easy dog to handle and is very people orienatated.  He gets on well with other dogs but does not like cats at all.  Kobi would make a very loyal and loving dog.  Neutered and vaccinated. Lolly is a female cross breed/ part hunting dog born 2008. This shy dog will need a quiet home with no other dogs. Vaccinated.





Luna is one of 7 siblings born to a German Shepherd.  She was born in approximately March 2011 and 5 of her siblings are still at the shelter.  They are all black in colour and all will need patience and basic training. Luna is the most sociable and affectionate of the siblings and is happy to be petted.  Vaccinated and spayed. Lola was born in May 2013.  She is a German Shepherd cross.  Lola has had a bad start to life but despite this is a very loyal and trusting dog.  She has the most unusual brown colour coat.  Unfortunately Lola is blind in one eye but this does not stop her enjoying play with the other dogs.  Lola will need a home who has time to give her some training and plenty of excersise.  Vaccinated and spayed. This is Luke, a very handsome mix breed.  Born approximately October 2015 and measuring 57cm shoulder height.  Luke has absolutely loads of energy so needs a home who can give him basic training, lots of walks and perhaps teach him agility.  He just loves to play and is very intelligent so needs to keep his mind occupied.  Because of his energy and size it is recommended that Luke does not go to a home with small children.  He is good with other dogs but does not like cats.  Fully vaccinated and neutered. Lady is a gorgeous and gentle Rottweiler.  She was born in approximately 2012.  It seems that she was purely used as a breeding bitch in her past life.  A sad existence for such a super friendly and gentle dog. Despite this she is great on the leash, very easy going and adores cuddles from anyone who will sit and spend a little time with her.  Lady is not a cat lover so a home without cats is essential.  Vaccinated and spayed


This Beagle mix female is called Louise.  She was born approximately August 2016.  Louise arrived with bent front legs which is an indication of bad diet as a small puppy.  However, this is being treated and the prognosis is excellent for her.  A very sweet natured girl who will make an excellent family pet.  Vaccinated

Dogs are re- homed on a daily basis; so if you see a dog that you are particularly interested in do call us, on (00357) 99326045, before visiting to avoid disappointment.

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