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Trojan is a large Labrador cross dog.  He is strong and energetic.  Would suit a family who are active and able to give him time for walks.  Neutered and vaccinated. Toby is a male mix breed born approximately October 2013.  He will make a medium size boy.  Toby has a couple of small defects that do not interfere with his life.  One being he has only 3 toes on one of his front feet and he also has a small short curly tail.  Despite this he is a charming, loving and playful dog who is very quick to learn new things. A nice boy who would make a wonderful family pet.  Vaccinated. This is pretty girl is called Truffles.  Truffles is a  young female dog who was born in April 2014.  She and her siblings were born to a very beautiful brown German Shepherd mix called Lola.  Lola and her puppies were taken from an unsuitable home in May 2014. Lola had been chained up and allowed her year after year to be bred with.  Both mother and puppies were uncared for, thin and totally neglected. They are now all healthy and ready for new homes. A confident and playful dog, Truffles would love an active family with time to play with her, walk her and give her basic training.  She is fully vaccinated and will be spayed before adoption This delightful little boy is called Tinker and he is a smooth hair terrier mix.  He was born in approximately August 2015.  Tinker can be a little shy and so a quite home without children would be ideal for him.  Tinker gets on very well with other dogs but cats frighten him.  He would like a home with lots of time for cuddles.  Fully vaccinated and neutered.





I know, you look at Tony our gentle Pitbull and cannot help but say WOW! Tony is a wonderful looking boy but he is also a very gentle boy. Found abandoned and now looking for that special family who have knowledge of this breed. He measures 60cm shoulder high. Although Tony is great with people and other dogs, cats are not on his list of favourites so a home without cats is essential. If you can offer Tony a home he is waiting patiently at Argos Sanctuary. He is fully vaccinated and neutered. This beautiful and gentle girl is called Treacle . She was born in November 2015 and is a Pointer. Not one of your huge Pointers but a dainty girl with a gentle nature. Treacle measures 46cm shoulder height and is fully grown. Treacle was found in a fairly skinny condition and is building up her muscles and putting on weight quite well. She has been spayed and vaccinated and can be exported abroad if necessary. Treacle really enjoys the play and company of other dogs so will be happy to share her home. Tammy is a sweet natured  long haired Cyprus poodle cross born approximately April 2016. She measures 31cm shoulder height so is not so big. Tammy loves cuddles and loves people very much. She is clever and can jump over small garden gates so a home with a garden must be very secure. Tammy get on well with other dogs and also cats.  She is vaccinated and microchipped. Winston, a handsome German Shepherd, was born approximately October 2014.  A charming dog who loves to play ball and loves his tummy tickled! He is very clever and brings his food bowl to you for filling.  Winston is extremely quick to learn and will make a loyal friend. He measures 64cm to shoulder height and is neutered and vaccinated.

Dogs are re- homed on a daily basis; so if you see a dog that you are particularly interested in do call us, on (00357) 99326045, before visiting to avoid disappointment.

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