Argos Family Album 16

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 Randy has only just arrived in Germany but already feels close and comfortable with his new owners.


 Our big loveable Calvin has settled in well with his new family in Avgorou.


 Twins Sevasti and Emilie love to play with their new dog Goofy who has quickly settled into his new Paralimni home.


 Lucky Lacy has an absolutely enormous garden to play in with hew new friend Teddy in Protaras.

Jody and Jodie adopted Reggie (previously Jet) as a friend for their Belgium shepherd dog Storm.

Lynsey and Andrew have added labrador Sammy to their family of rescued animals which includes,
cats Popeye and Pusser (below) as well as Argos dog Horace.Popeye

Emily from the G C school of careers came on a school visit to the sanctuary and ended up adopting her very own puppy Cindy.

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