Family Album 17

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Hella (was Fizz) gets a huge hug from new owner Frederike. It's good to see both of them smiling. Frederike and Jens-Uwe wasted no time in introducing Hella to all her new doggy pals before a long walk in the woods.  Hellas delight at being selected by her new German family is plain to see.

Scarlets wonderful new family include Zoe (seen here) as well as three beautiful cats who Scarlet decided she loves too!

Victor 'the airport dog' from our news pages finally has a loving home that all dogs deserve with new owners the Harper family. Pictured here Teresa and Oliver.
Louise, our 100th dog to go to Germany has a new name 'Finja'. Her new owners are delighted with her and she has settled into her new home perfectly.

New owner Petra was so keen to adopt Ajax that she flew all the way from Germany to collect him. Lucky Ajax has found a totally devoted owner.

Little Salu loves to join her new German owners on their bicycle tours.

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