Family Album 18

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Little terrier cross Louloukos (was Karl) has made himself at home with new owners Giannis in Nicosia.

Olli (was Harry) had grown so much since being chosen for Germany that his new owners had to buy him a bigger collar. Olli thinks they got his bone size just right too!


 Helen and Graham from Paphos have given Poppy the perfect new home and a new friend in fellow rescue dog Lady.


Beautiful German Shepherd dog Savannah is greeted in Germany by her new owner.

Sissy   Sissy2
Elena and Anthia love playing with their new Argos dog Sissy.

Whisky1  Whisky2
A spare place on a German flight meant that little terrier Whisky headed off to Germany with some Argos pals. While he waits for his "forever" home he is happy in the care of a loving foster family.

Takashi shares his new German home with another smaller Poodle and cat. His owners are delighted with him and he is looking wonderfully healthy and happy.

Timmy (was Ajax) so impressed his new owner flew all the way from Germany to collect him.

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