Family Album 20

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Selda        Selda2
Little black and white Argos puppy Selda does not want to let go of her new friend Fly. She is loving life in her German home with new owner Sonja.

Whiskey      Whiskey
Terrier cross Whiskey is living life to the full in Germany. One day jumping for joy in his big garden and the next paddling on the beach - lucky dog!

Pauli ( was Desi ) In the words of his new German owners the Brandt family "has won our hearts by storm" We think they have definitely won his too.

Joy      Joy2
Little terrier Joy enjoys a shopping spree with her new owner in Germany!

molly1       molly2
After a long time at the sanctuary and working hard to get noticed, friendly cat Molly has found a wonderful new home in Larnaca with the Walker family.

buzz        buzz&tuesday
Andrea Erika and Stefano have adopted our two tiny kittens Buzz and Tuesday born to Argos cat Sugar back in May.

hayley1         hayley
After a long day playing on the beach with her new German family Hayley crashes out with her favourite toy.

Chow Chow Quincy was born with a disability to his front paw but when he gets tired now he just leans on new best pal Dexter.

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