Family Album 21

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gizmo            gizmo1
Little Gizmos hair has finally grown back and he is rather pleased with his new look , new family and new life in Falkenberg Germany.

Elsa is another lucky dog with a wonderful new family in Germany and a vast beach to play on. She wishes a life like this for all her Argos friends.

Rex enjoys a day out at the beach in England and a spot of sunbathing. Time to turn over!rex1
Yazmin and Rex have become completly inseperable. In each other they have a friend for life.

The Plicova family welcome Sofie to Prague and she wastes no time in settling in. . Sofie is our first dog to travel to this part of the world and we are delighted to welcome them into the ever expanding Argos family.

paul          paul1
More shots from our wonderful Pauli (was Desi) who continues to learn well, make new friends and love life in his new home of Lübeck in Germany.

janusch          janusch1
Janusch (was Bertie) is loving his new home in Germany with new Mum Iris and his spaniel friend. Without the hot and dusty conditions at the sanctuary he is also keeping his beautiful white coat sparkling clean!

Tintin ( was Scruff) and new German owner Karin are getting along famously. Tintin loves his new garden and friends too.

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