Family Album 22

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There is nothing that makes us happier at Argos than seeing our much-loved animals settled into new homes. So please keep in touch and become part of the Family Album by sending us your pictures to

Paisley jumps for joy as she has found the perfect home with Angelica and Svenja . With so much excitement in her first week in Germany it is no wonder she needs a nap!

A new photo from our favourite pen pals Meija and Moltas in Sweden.

melissa melissa1 melissa2
Melissa's new little owner loves her so much that she did not want to leave her and go to Kindergarten!  After a tough few years at last this wonderful dog has the forever home she deserves.

Wonderful news from Monchengladbach in Germany is that Cyprus poodle Odi has settled in perfectly with the Aretz family.

jess jess2 jess3
Jess our little terrier has made herself at home in Germany and is loving a new life with her new friends and family.

Samoyed cross Calypso was our first dog to head to Germany via a Samoyed rescue charity and has found happiness at last in her wonderful new home.

Argos cats Paddy and Pippa happy in their new home with Gayle & Gary both cats have settled in well and are much loved.

Heidi's contented smile says it all. She has settled well and is very happy in her new home in Oststeinbek Germany with new owner Kathrin.