Family Album 23

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 Jersey an older dog that had been moved from home to home throughout her life has finally found her perfect forever home and the perfect family in Germany.

renzo             renzo
Our gentle giant Ozzy ( now Renzo) gets a hug from new owner Shelley then shares the couch for a well earned snooze!

felix            felix1
After a long time waiting to travel Felix has finally been welcomed into his new German home with new owner Kirsten. He has settled well and already gets on well with his new 3 freinds.

blossom2            blossom1
Blossom's new family in Nicosia, describe her as the fourth member of their family. Its clear to see that from these photos that Blossom is totally adoring of the Kadi family too.

elsa1          elsa4
More pictures from Labrador Elsa who continues to thrive in Germany. Her new owners  tell us she is  a caring "mother" figure to the smaller dogs in her group.

lotte1          lotte
Tiny Lotte (was Hattie) is loving life in her new home in Germany but having never seen a cat before looks slightly puzzled by the new friend she shares her home with !

caruso   tigger   caruso1
Argos cat Caruso joins his old friend Tigger at the home of Nicole in Hamburg. Both have wonderful new lives to look forward to.

atlas        chico        pepsi
Atlas, Chico and Pepsi arrive in Germany.

missy   missy1
After spending some time with foster parents in Germany Missy has now moved on to her "forever" home where she is getting plenty of cuddles.

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