Family Album 24

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Marios and his family have adopted Sooner (bottom of picture) who will be a great companion for their other rescue dog Slick. A happy ending for this shy little dog who went un noticed for such a long time.

Buster and Buddy struck gold when they were adopted by the Trotter family of Ken, Jan, Phoebe and Alex. Now back in England they are loving long walks in the woods in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

edie edie2 edie
When the Smith family from England found Edie they knew that they simply had to take her back to the UK with them. After spending time at Argos waiting to travel and many visits later Edie has finally made it to her wonderful UK home where she is now looking forward to being joined by fellow Argos dog Little Mo.

Chico who was found with a broken pelvis has now put the past behind him and is looking forward to a bright and joyous future with new owner Olaf. Chico travels to work with Olaf and  has become the office mascot  loved by all.

After a very long time at the shelter Honey has finally found her dream home with Kavita and Nikhill in Limassol.

Souki was abandoned to face a bleak future but now with her new family in Germany she is told every day that she is " the sweetest, dearest and most wonderful little girl dog there is ".

A year on and little blind cat Mimosa has filled out, fluffed up and truly found a heavenly home.

After being dumped in a box as part of a large litter, Amelie went into foster care to build up her strength. Her foster carers loved her so much that she stayed, joining the families 6 other cats.