Family Album 26

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Updates on the fabulous Renzo (was Ozzy) show that he really is loving his new life with owner Shelley. Renzo whose favourite pastime is sleeping now has so many places to stretch out and still finds time to keep up with his friends at Argos on Facebook!

Selda has be holidaying with adoring owner Sonja and her new big brother Fly.

Bear the great Dane featured in our Summer 2011 news pages has finally reached England and his new life.

Maja was just a puppy when she headed for Germany and a new life with the Henke family. Already she has learnt plenty in doggie school and has taken well to house training.Her new  family love her very much and it's obvious she loves them back.

Snooks is very happy in his new German home with  is owners Teresa and Lars and new ginger buddy.

Lissie headed to Germany back in August of 2010 she has grown a beautiful thick and fluffy coat to keep her warm in the snowy German winter.

Georgia was chosen by Godfrey to be his new owner and he is now loving being part of the family in his new Nicosia home.

Max the Alsation cross has wasted no time in making himself at home in Paphos with Paul and Lesley.

Lucky Amira (was Lavender) has two new friends in Kira and Shenzy  and is typical of her breed is loving her training sessions where she is already learning lots of new things.

After working at the sanctuary for some time Alison had always had a soft spot for gentle giant Trotsky She finally couldn't resist him any more and now our super poser has made himself very at home.

The Zittlau family have welcomed Cyprus poodle Kaine into their home in Germany and as you can see from these pictures it has not taken him very long to feel at home.