Family Album 29

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Struppi (was Holly) spent four days with us at the Sanctuary before her new owner Ute came to the shelter and adopted her. She now has a wonderful new life in Germany.

Lucky Matty has grown into a very handsome dog and is loving life in Germany with new owners  Jim and Nicky . After some very early wake up calls he is now letting his new owners sleep until 06.45!!

Minnie (was Claire) went to live in Norway in June. She has grown into a beautiful girl.

Kitten Spike has joined former Argos dog nelson at the home of new Mum Melanie and is getting cuddles wherever he can, including from baby Madison!

Our prize winning pup Bertie is now even more handsome and grown up. He loves his life in Germany with his new family and is still posing perfectly for the cameras.

Bianka and Harry from Germany adopted a very shy little Phoebe back in January 09. She is now a confident and trusting dog that gives lots of love and fun to her new owners.

Aristo had a bad start in life when his eye became badly infected . Luckily for him Anja was on holiday in the hotel where he lived and made it her mission to give this little boy a better life. He may have lost an eye but he has gained a new home and loving family who adore him.


Precious now called Pretzel is now living in the UK and as you can see happily bounding down the green fields of Berkshire . A wonderful ending for a very special dog.

Meija aka Mandy has now been in Sweden for 3 years and her family are celebrating the event.  Our Mandy is the grey poodle rescued from an army camp and was
unable to sit or lie down from the hundreds of prickly burrs that were entangled in her curls. Now she is a proper manicured little lady!