Family Album 30

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 One year on and Jo Jo has the most wonderful life with her German family as these three gorgeous pictures show.

Photo’s of Mimosa who went to  Germany in September 2012 .  Isnt it great to see her running free and enjoying life.

Kelsey as a new life a new friend and even a smart new haircut! On top of this she is taking dog agility classes and is loving jumping and tunnelling her way round the course.

Darling (was Paisley) making friends in her new home Germany.

Beautiful labrador Kendal was pretty nervous when he landed in the UK but when he saw his owners Rosie and Andy he was soon running around wagging his tail. He was equally excited when we arrived home and did a few laps of the lawn before settling down on the sofa for some cuddles and a well earned rest . We think he will be happy there.

Tashi (was Buffy) is described by her new owners as "a piece of gold". They can not believe that anyone would abandon such a perfect, well behaved and lovely dog. Lucky for Tashi she now has a family that will love and cherish her for life.

Some wonderful new shots of white German shepherd Hardy. Now in the perfect climate for that beautiful coat.The indoor shot shows new arrival Pip paying him a visit. We wonder of they remember each other from the sanctuary.

Pedro in his new home. Look at the toys he got for Christmas…lucky boy.