Family Album 31

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Lovely to see how well Maisie has settled in with her new Setter friend Shadow.

Patch and Dougal our two Argos dogs in the UK with the Maskell family. Pictured here with Ali who sends regular parcels of donations to Argos.

Robyn adopted Tempest from ARGOS in January 2013 and describes Tempest as a “dream dog”.

Genevieve adopted Polly (on the right of the photo) from ARGOS in 2012 as company for her dog Harrison . Polly has settled well in UK and has even had a professional photo shoot done with Harrison because Genevieve is so proud of her "babies". The photo shows the "family" out enjoying the snow this week.

When Xenia first got little Cocoa she was a scared little girl with no confidence. She had been found wandering the busy highway and was obviously not used to human kindness. Due to some slight brain damage Cocoa can't be trained but the extra work does not bother new owner Xenia who adores her anyway. Now Cocoa  is so happy she gives Xenia a big "high five"

This is Luca, a very timid little dog who was adopted by the McLeod family in Cyprus in 2012.  They are now living in Germany and Luca (now called Ollie) is enjoying her new life with her new doggy family also.  She has gained so much confidence.  The family say she is a dog in a million!

The Wadey family recently adopted Zippy, now Banjo.  They said he has settled in well and their other puppy Narla loves him to bits.

Another happy ending for another one of our doggies, Iggy, who went to the UK last month and already looks like an established member of the family.