Family Album 32

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This is Buddy a staffy who was abused by his previous owners until rescued by a German veterinary student who could not let him remain in the conditions he was subjected to.  Now, after spending some time at the Argos shelter until his new owner was able to take him, Buddy is now living a life of peaceful happiness in Germany.

Teddy lives with her and her partner in Nicosia but has a weekend villa to visit in Protaras too.  Lucky teddy.

Chilli may not be an obvious beauty but her new German owners love her to bits!

Millie was recently adopted by the Pearce family in UK.  They have a really lovely home full of dogs and cats.  Millie has fitted in perfectly with them all and is having the time of her life.

Donut who suffers from a delicate tummy is settling well into his new home with Clare . Clare is taking great care to give him the right diet and all the attention he needs.

Stevie was adopted by Julie Fillary  and joined Julie and his  new "brother " Patch in UK in June.  It took a while for Stevie to settle as he had never had toys to play with or a loving home to share before.  Julie has been taking Stevie to training classes and he is making great progress and finally starting to play and enjoy the company of Patch.  Stevie (affectionately known as "The Dude")  has blossomed and we must say he looks so handsome with his new haircut.

Angel was adopted as a puppy from Argos whilst the family lived in Cyprus and now they have returned to the UK and have taken their companion with them.  Clearly Angel is living the life of a true member of the family.

Daisy was tied up to the shelter gates with her sister Jasmine.  They were in a terrible state of coat matting and a little nervous.  Once clipped and bathed they were absolutely stunning.  Daisy was spotted on Poodle Doodle Doo Facebook page by Niki Keene who was so happy to adopt Daisy and have her flown to UK.  This is Niki meeting Daisy at Heathrow .  Daisy is already settling in well and her new family and new doggy "sister" Poppy love her very much. Happily, Jasmine will also be following shortly to a new home and life in UK.