Argos is proud to be working alongside:
Hundeliebe – grenzenlos e.V. and Samojede-in-Not e.V.

Hundeliebe – grenzenlos e.V. Goals

" We – a group of "crazy about dogs" people – have organized ourselves in an animal rescue association.

Our aim is, to give abandoned dogs, especially from the south of Europe, but from Germany as well a fondly and caring new home.


On our homepage you will find all dogs, which are to be placed.

3 persons of our team act as go-betweens, look after the prospects and clarify in intensive talks if dog and man fit together.

We are in daily contact with the animal protectionists, who are in charge of the poor creatures and take care that the dogs get safely on their flight into a better future.

Members of the association travel abroad to pick up the lucky ones or tourists offer their help as flight partners on their way home from holiday back to Germany.

The new owners are waiting impatiently at the airport, to caught their furry family members in their arms.

Even after the placement we like to keep in touch with the dog owners and are always pleased and happy about the numerous sent pictures with their four legged friends" .

Samoyed Association.

The Samoyed association rescues the Samoyed breed of dogs and Samoyed cross breeds from many places in Europe. It has had alot of success rescuing many of these lovely dogs from Spain and finding new homes for them in Germany where the climate is much better for these long and thick coated dogs.


After discovering their website Argos worker Sandy contacted Monica who is one of the very active team in Germany to ask if they would try to re-home our Samoyed cross Calypso.

Without hesitation the reply was "yes" and it was not long before Calypso was traveling to his new home in Germany.

We now have close links with this association and hope we can continue a great working relationship with this super group of people.

Our Calypso was re-homed in Germany.


Please click here to follow the link to the Samoyed association.