Latest news from Germany 2016

Jacky's story.

Dear Argos-Team,
wishing you a merry and joyful Christmas and a good start into 2017 – and thanking you for your work! ...

Hale continues to be a big joy and a wonderful part of our family – and sends lots of wags to you (especially to Sandy).
Thanks again for taking such care for this lovely dog - we are very lucky to have met her via you…

Love from the Stuwe Family

Hale's story.

Dear Argos-Team,

wishing you a merry and joyful Christmas and a good start into 2017 – and thanking you for your work! ...

Hale continues to be a big joy and a wonderful part of our family – and sends lots of wags to you (especially to Sandy).
Thanks again for taking such care for this lovely dog - we are very lucky to have met her via you… 

Love from the Stuwe Family

Nele's story.

Dear Sandy,
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family and the whole argos-team.
We are so happy since Nele (Chario) is with us, she is such a lovely dog and everybody around us loves her! We never want to lose her.
She is only with us since 21th of November, but she is very intelligent,
she has learnt a lot in this short time and knows, that now here with us nobo...dy is bad to her, everything is good.

Thank you for taking care of all the poor dogs and cats and helping them find a new home forever.

Hearty greetings from germany
Helga, Peter and NELE.

Wally's story.

Another one of Missy's babies is living life to the full.  Missy gave birth to 7 puppies shortly after being taken in by Argos and put in a foster home.  4 months later, due to her terrible condition and struggle to care for her puppies, Missy died of Parvo.
Her babies have all since blossomed and been homed.  Now in Germany, little Wally is in such a loving home. This is what the new owners say about Wally.



Wally is truly a crazy happy dog and is thriving. A dog school, which is in our village, we will visit with him soon. We are so grateful and glad that we have our Wally. We are proud to have such a dog. Here are some pictures, he has grown well and has increased by two kilograms.

Full Greetings Jutta, Hans-Jürgen and Wally Schulz

Suki's story.

Remember Missy who lost her battle to Parvo and left 7 gorgeous puppies orphaned?

The puppies were well cared for and loved by Muriel and Dennis Brown and all were homed to great homes by Argos.

Today I received fabulous photos of Suki in her new home in Germany with big Labrador brother. 
The new owners are so happy they have Suki in their lives.

Leyla's story.


Leyla took only two days and has become from a shy little mouse to a confident and lively little dog.
We are very happy that she is with us.
She brings the other 2 on excited when she runs through the garden.
Her wonderful character is clearly noticeable.
Leyla listens to her name and is very affectionate.
We have the feeling that she is with us for a long time. She is loved by all. Everything done right.

Thanks to the great team and best regards 

Petra and Martin Zemella.

Clay's story.

News below of our beautiful Clay with lovely photo’s attached. Hard to believe this wonderful dog has been waiting in Argos since 2012 after being left outside the shelter gates.  Now life is rosey, just what he deserves.


Good morning,

Clay is well received in Lengerich. In the house, he feels very comfortable and safe. In the bedroom he stayed not happy, he stays at night in the living room because he prefers to be there. All doors are open. He eats and drinks normally. His business he does not do so often but lasts very long!
He is anxious before of any noises and children, especially in front of children, playing with the ball. These children were 50 meters away from us. After that he did not want to leave the house for a while. Meanwhile, it is better "to go to the outside" again for walks and we go preferably morning and evening when there is less noise.
With the ponies Clay copes well - they have already sniffed. Clay reacts to the commands, Come, Place, Stop and quiet (Schschschsch) , an immediate stand still!
Lots of love
Martina Zeblin and Klaus Röttger

Paisley's story.


Now Paisley is already more than two weeks with us and has been very well settled.
The garden she finds wonderful and explored every corner.
With the other animals she has befriended quite easily, the cats are not always thrilled with her.
She is very docile and clever.
My husband is wrapped around her little paw simply with her kindnesses.
Paco the dog likes to play with her even though I sometimes have the feeling that they romping him a little too wild.
The whole family is thrilled with the little one and we are very happy that we got her.

Best regards
Benedicta Aubele

Boris story.


We would again briefly report that our chip (Boris) goes very well with us. He is developing well. We have been in the dog school and it proves to be a good student. He is now 27cm tall, healthy, playful, and he started to guard our house and garden. The place our neighbor not so funny (she does not like dogs), but the barking stops is very limited. It suits us perfectly. He loves walks in the woods and feels very comfortable with us.
I wish I could still Wally adopt, but we get space problems in the car. I hope you find him soon a good home.

Greetings from Baunatal
Birte Friday

Marge's story.

So hard to belive that this lovely dog spent an awful time in Lea farm hell hole pound and is now much loved.  Happy days!


We believe Marge is settled and feels very happy with us.
We are really happy with Marge.

Greetings from
Conny, Stephan and Marge in Bredstedt.

Lotte's story.

Today Lotta (ex Meera) works perfectly in our family and she is loved and idolized at home..  She has a great character and with the cats it all works perfectly.
In many ways she is still uncertain, maybe because of her early years left without company of people and new sounds.  But, she is getting better as she is introduced to new things.
She eats everything she is given.  We had to define a space for the cats with their food with a baby gate otherwise they would have nothing to eat!  Lotta loves children because they give her food.  If Lotta is not watched when we have company she will steal food from the low table and the company find this humurous.
Only the cleaning lady complains and is grumpy.... she needs an hour to clean up the amount of dogs hair which Lotta sheds.  ha ha
So, in all, we are fine
Herzner family

Lotte's story.


We would like to thank you for imparting Goldie, now "Lotte". She gives us much joy and is developing well. Initially outdoors she was
afraid of everything, even  dustbins and mice! This continues to improve.
We have attached two photos of Waldo (our other diog) and Lotte together.

Best regards,
Michaela Wilhelm

Bessy's story.

Hello ,

Our Bessy has settled very well here.
In the house she is a dear and totally cuddly and docile dog. Outside she is still a little excited, but mostly attentive (thanks to Treats). We are always amazed at how quickly she learns everything. Car rides she loves, she jumps in the car when prompted  and lies down immediately. So we know she does not get excited like our previous dogs.

Chickens she finds great (we live in the country). But in the main she has a pronounced hunting instinct. So fast that we will probably not let her run outside without a leash. But she can romp in the garden  ( because she likes to run very fast).

We are very happy with Bessy and I think she is happy here with us.

Beautiful greetings from Bayern family home and Bessy.

Sasha's story.

Sasha came to Argos as a puppy.  She was simply found by someone walking their dog close to the shelter. 
Alone and abandoned she was a shy puppy but Sasha blossomed into a beautiful dog, very loyal and loving and calm.
Because Sasha is black and big she was continually overlooked by visitors to the shelter. 
Then in November 2015 she was seen on Hundelibe Grenzenlos website by Kerstin Herrmann and she knew Sasha was the right dog for her
and Sasha flew off to her new home in Germany in December. 

Here is what Kerstin said about Sasha.

Dear Argos team,

Sasha came to me as 01/12/2015  and was allowed to stay forever.
Now she has a girlfriend from Romania (Ida), who loves her very much.
Here are a few photos where you can see that she is doing very well.

Best wishes and thank you for this wonderful bitch.

Kerstin Herrmann

Polly's Story.

Sashar was found wandering alongside a busy road along with another dog very late at night. 

News below from the new owners in Germany of Sashar now called  Polly.

On 9.12.2015 Sashar came to us from Cyprus.  It was love at first sight.
The homeward journey from the airport of 450km, Vienna to Unterhaching, ran absolutely smoothly.
We have a small gold treasure now called Polly. We are all overjoyed with her,  She is cuddly, funny and very loving.
Much love to ll those committed to the animals.
Salute, Angelika and Pierre Bellavoin


Here is a message below from Lucy, the lucky German Shepherd Cross dog who was simply thrown over the fence and into one of the runs.  Thankfully she was unhurt and a few months later adopted in Germany by Anja Bierwolf.  I think you will agree she is much loved and looks wonderful.


In Lucy's words.....

For those who do not know me - I'm Lucy and I finally began my long journey on 19/7/2015 to my new life. From Cyprus I went off to Germany to a small village in the vicinity of Hamburg.

My mistress and her son welcomed me warmly and lovingly here. I have stayed here quite a lot and have a beautiful basket in which I can be happy and sleep well . At first I was worried about everything and everyone mad me a little afraid, but now .... !
Mum always says that we adapt as well as an "ass with bucket" - which it means so well ! I personally think she has the same number of nonsense in your head as I have. Mum affectionately calls me "Lucifer" what does that mean again? Only because I love to take the shoes from the shelf and shred the insoles into very small pieces. But I can also quite lovely.  When I lay like a good girl in my place to sleep a bit someone leaves me little treats. I have found already a lot of friends with whom I can really play with and wrestle. I can sit, lay down and give paws, this  I have already learned.  But most of all I love going to the same walk - because I can swim in the lake. I can have fun when we are running with the bicycles or at the dog school.  I can tell you - at last I'm really happy, and my mum is also !!!!

I want to say a big thank you to all who sooooo lovingly cared about me when I was just suddenly there. To those who have given me this opportunity, and those who have so chose me a great owner!

Because finally, I Lucy, have a home !!!!

News from Germany on how well Tiny is doing.

Tiny and his friend Tyler were abandoned together just over a year ago.  We are not sure if they were related but certainly had a certain bond.  Tyler was the nervous and shy one and relied on Tiny to back him up whenever there was a threat from other dogs. However, Tyler was the lucky one and was homed some months ago to a wonderful family in Germany.  Tiny found it difficult at first without his friend beside him and he looked depressed and sad.  He fond a new friend who he seemed to team up with but what he really needed was a loving home.  Last month he was chosen by Renate and Norbert Henning in Germany and on Monday 10th August, he flew off to start his new life.  Here is the wonderful report we have from his new owners.

Dear Sandy
We are delighted to have Tiny with us, he´s settled in quite quickly and is a charming little character. Everyone in the neighbourhood loves him. You´re quite right - it was love at first sight between my husband and Tiny and they are almost like siamese twins, joined at the hip. Where my husband goes, Tiny follows. It´s so lovely. He´s fine with me, wants cuddles all the time but my husband is his number 1 and that is perfectly alright.
We are sending some new pics taken today - as you can see he´s quite relaxed in the car and between cuddles and playtime he loves to sleep. Which he does soundly, snoring like a Great Dane! Maybe he is lucky to have his home here - but we are equally as lucky having him. He is such a darling little dog.

Renate and Norbert Henning.

News from Zac's new owner, He is one very lucky boy!


Zac is feeling very well and making himself at home.  It is fun to watch him jumping and playing in the garden.   I am planning to do some jogging with him soon  We went on a 3 km walk and he liked it. Zac is doing well.  He has started some training and is now relaxing more and more.  He is playing around in our garden and animating our other dog to play ball.  He is beginning to sleep more deeply now and we have built a daily routine for him.  He is a remarkable good boy.  Never aggressive and he is always the one to start play with our older dog.  When she barks at Zac and tries a mock attack on him he backs off and waits until later to try for play again.  Very loud and very funny.  We love him.

Emma's story.

We took Emma (previously named Jazzy) into Argos to assist a gentleman who could no longer keep her due to not having time for her with very long hours work commitments.  Thankfully she was only at Argos a very short time before she was spotted by a family in Germany and joined them there in March 2015. 
Here are some wonderful photo's of her enjoying life with her new family and below a short report from the new owner.  So happy for this lovely dog.



The weeks have passed quickly and we cannot imagine even more what it was like without Emma (Jazzy).
She has taken a total positive impact on all of us . The seemingly bad dreams that she seemed to have at the beginning are now past and she greets me in the morning ready for the first big walk. She really is a ray of sunshine and everyone who meets her falls in love because she is so cuddly and affectionate. Now she has also learned how to dig holes on the beach and how much fun it is in the Lake to swim. Once in a week, we go with her there, because she we can work without a leash there. The first time we were there she was still shy and did not want to deviate much from my side but now she is already very confident and has made friends with other dogs.  On the whole she is, I believe, completely at home with us and enjoys the love she gets. If we are away for even a few minutes she greets us with high jumps even if I just go out to leave the garbage. Otherwise she is really well behaved, she behaves if we sit with her somewhere in the restaurant and eat and we always give her a small treat. She does not beg and does not bark unless irritated by a noise . We are really grateful that we have Emma with us.


Emma very happy in her new home.

Jerome's story.

Jerome came to the shelter from Xylofagou council in 2012.  They have no dog pound so he was bought to Argos. He was about a year old when he arrived.  Jerome was always a good and gentle dog, fitting in well with the other dogs and accepting his life at the shelter happily.  We could never understand how this gentle and easy going dog was never rehomed quickly.  In March 2014 he was adopted by the riddle family in Germany.  They have children and horses and it seemed the right home for him.  Now we have received a wonderful e mail saying how great Jerome has fitted in with the family.  He is the best loyal friend to the little boy, loves to be with the horses but the cat does not like him.  Well, you cannot please everyone.  The riddle family said he is the perfect family dog and love him very much.


Ich wollte nach langer Zeit nochmal Rückmeldung zu Jerome geben.
Er hat sich mittlerweile sehr gut ins Familienleben eingelebt und genießt seine Rolle als Familien-und Pferdehund.
Unser kleiner finn und er sind mittlerweile ein gutes Team und jerome passt gut auf ihn auf.
Unsere Katze will und er werden wohl nie wirklich Freunde aber sie akzeptieren sich. Alles in allem läuft alles sehr gut und jerome fühlt sich denk ich sehr wohl bei uns und wir uns mit ihm.

Viele liebe grüße
Familie Riedel

Jerome very happy in Germany.

Hale's story.

Hale’s situation was brought to our attention by a service personnel who saw her in a derelict house near the Dhekelia power station.  She was kept there by school boys because they were not allowed pets at home.  Argos could not allow that any dog is kept alone with no human or animal interaction and therefore removed her to the shelter.  This was in January 2014 and she came as a puppy. 
In February 2015 she was seen by the Stuwe family on Hundeleibe Grenzenlos website.  The children had been promised a dog for some years and now was the time they could choose one and they chose Hale.  Hale travelled to Germany in March 2015.  She was a fairly shy dog with strangers as she had spent most of her puppy life in the shelter sharing the runs with other dogs.  Her life has changed and so has she.  Her confidence is 100% improved and her love for her family is obvious as is the love they have for her.  She has been on holiday to the sea side and also sailing!


Dear Sandy,

Yes, she is the perfect dog for us!!!!
We are all in love with her (but not with the trillions of multi-coloured hair she is shedding in truck-loads right now - just finished grooming her - she is like a sheep rather than a dog... : )
She has us all cuddling her constantly (especially the men)...
As we love to go sailing we were very curious how she will manage on board - which turned out no problem for Hale! She even goes up and down three very steep steps to the cabin all on her own! Very curageous... In general she loves to be where we are! And made new friends to play on the beach. And run. How she runs!!!! A true Husky... ; )
The dog trainer is very impressed how smart she is (along with us). She learns very quickly. Hard to believe that such a tremendous dog had to wait over 1 year in a shelter - this is what all our friends (and strangers meeting Hale) say in unison. I'm always telling them about Argos and what a great job you do over there (hoping to get them interested) - our boat neighbour went straight to the computer to look at your website : )

Lots of hugs and smiles to you on sunny Cyprus - the Stuwe family.

And an extra kiss from Hale to you!!!! Thanks for taking such good care for her xox

Hale's amazing new adventure with his loving family the Stuwe's in Germany.

Gino's story.

News below of Gino who went to Germany in November 2014.  Hard to believe this shy guy has now made friends with a horse and is no longer a nervous boy.


Gino has now been almost exactly 5 months with us. What can I say, he behaves as if he would have lived at least 5 years here. He enjoys his "freedom" totally and showers us with  gratitude. However, despite the best of sufficient feed (Barf) and having a great appetite, he has remains a fairly slim guy. As promised I send you today a photo together of Gino with my horse Maddox. The two have become real buddies and Maddox stays with him when we are traveling together. Gino loves to come to the stable when I put on my riding things. He no longer moves away from me to shyly hide. So lets hope  he can go on the next 15 years :-)
Janine Varosi.

Gino loving his happy life in Germany.

Clipper's story.

Clipper arrived at the shelter early 2012 as a puppy.  He was one of the many  abandoned puppies that find sanctuary and safety within ARGOS.  He was always a quiet boy and became a little withdrawn and in fact seemed to be a young dog with an old brain.  Clipper viewed life in the shelter with a sense of defeat, as if this is what life had given him and he was going to accept it with quiet disdain.  He never got excited about much and although a quiet gentle boy he seemed a little robotic without much interest in anything.  Clipper was constantly over looked by people visiting because he was  reserved and not pushy.  No one recognised the gentle nature of this lovely boy.  Then is December 2013, Lissi saw him on the Hundeliebe website and read his story.  She recognised that Clipper was probably just depressed and saw the gentleness in his eyes, and so they gave Clipper the chance of a life.  Here is what Lissi has to say about Clipper, now Fiete....

Dear Sandy,

We decided that today is Fietes, ex Clipper, birthday. He is now 3 years old. He is such a wonderful dog. When we got him 10 month ago, he fits in very well. All the time he is quiet and calm. He only barks, when he meets a dog which he likes. Everthing he does is very slow. It took him 4 months to wag his tail, almost 6 months to recognise his name. He takes treats in slow motion. For that reason we could see his development. It is so heartwarming how he tries to show us his love. We think that he never ever had a chance to learn anything. But we have another dog, Anda. She is like a "jojo" and shows him everthing. They love each other. Our best decision was to give Fiete a forever home. We never regret to take an "older" dog.  Fiete now can walk and run without a leash, but only in the morning with a whistle and good smelling sausage in my pocket. I am always afraid that he will not hear me. But my husband says, he trust us so we have to trust him. And when he is coming through the wood, jumping and running with waving ears, his eyes are glowing. Also when his digging in a mouseholes you can´t believe it´s the same quiet dog. So wonderful. We also do cycling every day. Both dogs love to come very much.
Liebe Grüße, Lissi

Fiete and Anda.

Ronja's story.

Back in July 2014 a thin and nervous German shepherd dog arrived under her own steam outside the ARGOS gates.  She was nervous and would not come near the gates when people were around and despite putting food out for her she would not come towards the gates. Staff and volunteers tried leaving the gates open during the day with food just inside but the only time she would come down from the trees was during the night when everyone had left and then she would eat what was left out for her.  It was weeks later that it all changed.  Stella came in the evening with her dogs to check ARGOS and she saw the dog, which she had now named Treacle watching her from afar.  Then suddenly she came down, and came right next to Stella s legs for a stroke.  Stella opened the gates, walked inside and Treacle followed her in.!

After that day Treacle slowly became very sociable with people and other dogs and was allowed to roam the compound where she was in contact every day with staff, volunteers and visitors. It was not long that she learnt to walk close to heal of her own accord and came to her name and would sit or lay when asked.  Treacle was very intelligent and quick to learn and so very gentle with the puppies and other dogs she made contact with daily.

Now Treacle has a new name and a new home in Switzerland. We hand over to her loving new owner Natalie to fill us in on her progress in her own words.

Dear Argos,

Today I went for the second time with 3 dogs to a walk in the forest. I love the walks there, because Aviel and Yaron can walk free without leash, because there are no cars, not often other people. Very relaxing for a mother with 4 teenies they love talking.
Yesterday I tried Treacle on a long flexi lead, but it was very chaotic, as she is not used to it. So today I took her short leash and you would not believe it, after a few minutes she knew that she should walk next to me or a little behind me. I am very impressed how clever she is. She noticed very quick that there is a treat coming when she walks well and that a "SCHTT" is coming when she wants to overtake (ala Maja Nowak) She paid a lot attention to me and it seems she liked that. Amazing as I never had that before with any of our other 4 dogs. Of course she was also allowed to sniff about, but WHY such a great dog was not wanted anymore??? It is a big sad mystery for me.

Even she walk only next to me at the walk, she was very tired after and relaxed. We thought a lot about how to name our new family member in Switzerland and decided for:  Ronja
Ron means song or joy in Hebraic, Ron Ja  = joy of God, Or from the Christians: the one who brings the victory, the glowing one.

Our 2 Boys, which like to run in front, they look at my backside from today, as they get treats, too, then.
Leader qualities: the 2 boys have been so angry the first day, when we gave food to a strange dog that they growled at her. Ronja got scared, showed her teeth and run after them. That looked quiet dangerous.
Now we pay more attention to the body language of all the dogs and don't allow any bad behavior. We say immediately "SCHTT"
After that the boys got a big respect from her new lady-boss and make a big bow round the place where she lays :)) and we have bought a XXXXXXlarge pillow, so all can lay and cuddle together :))

But I am sure in a few weeks time we are getting there. By the way Ronja is using both sleeping places of her scared off subordinates!
It is very interesting to watch the pack, but I am glad we do not have small children and a lot of time and a harmonic atmosphere in the house.

Kind regards and a big thank you to the nice people in Cyprus. Ronja still smells very nice of the dog shampoo.

Ronja with her new pals in Switzerland.

Rosita's story.

This week we received a letter from Brigitte the new owner of little chiahuaha cross Rosita.
Rosita and her son were reported by the residents of a local village when she was seen wandering the streets with her pup. After arriving at Argos the son was quickly homed but being a slightly older dog at 7 we worried that Rosita would be harder to home. We are delighted that she is now happy and loved in Germany.


On 24th June2014, it was finally time I could pick up Rosita. The arrival of the van with the dogs was just as exciting as emotional for me.  To my surprise I found that my chihuahua Rosita, especially in comparison to the remaining arrived dogs, appeared very tiny. 
After I put her on my lap and we had familiarized ourselves with each other, Rosita did not move from my side.  On the 200 km round trip in the car she was lying on my legs, cuddled with me and then went to sleep relaxed.
The whole time I wondered how well she will merge with my other dog Sanja.  At home I hoped from my heart as they both ignored each other for now.
The first two nights were short and noisy as Rosita first had to sleep in her crate and so obviously did not agree.  The third night I felt was surprisingly quiet, I heard Rosita protest just before falling asleep., When I got up in the morning, Rosita was in the basket. Somehow she had managed to break out of the crate.
From that time it was happening ... Rosita had taken over the world rule in her opinion. To start with it was so, Rosita was first on the couch or in the chair and Sanja had to sleep on the floor. Human visitors were tweaked in the heel and especially she did it to my husband.
Now she has learned the hard lesson that she does not have to control everything in our apartment. Understandably, Rosita still faces some situations anxiety. For example, creating at loud noises, but it gets better every day.  She is also housebroken and also is left alone with Sanja for 1-2 hours and it is no longer a problem.
 In my neighborhood there are  many great dogs that we encounter on our walks.  One would not believe it but it seems Rosita  has them all under control. We meet and all the dogs move voluntarily to  the side of the road to avoid a confrontation with Rosita .

I thank the animal shelter group on Cyprus who so selflessly care for the dogs and thefoster family of  Rosita. All of you  made this  ​​possible.

Herzliche Grüße von

Brigitte, Rosita und Sanja

We want to thank Brigitte for her patience and understanding with Rosita in teaching her that she is now safe and the protected one no longer the protector of her baby.

Milli and Jazzman's story.

Babs ( now Milli) was adopted in January 2014 after being taken back from her first adopted home. Viola chose Milli because she looked a little nervous and knew it would be hard for her to cope in a shelter full of many dogs.  Viola is an animal healer and knew she could help Milli overcome her shyness.  She settled in really well and was joined by another Cyprus rescue called Amelia who also had issues with her confidence, In no time at all they became great friends and their confidence was restored.  Viola always keeps her eye on the ARGOS web site and Hundeliebe website and she noticed that Stanley (now Jazzman) had been waiting a very long time for a new home.  She also noted he had confidence issues and decided she would like to foster him in Germany for Hundeliebe and work on his confidence issues so that he would be re-homed more quickly.
And so on 17th July 2014 Stanley made this incredible journey which would change his life forever.
It was instant love for Viola and her partner Benny.  Infact Benny and Stanley became inseperable and bonded immediately.  Within a matter of days Viola said Stanley changed completely.  He enjoyed racing around the garden with Milli and Amelia, he loved cuddles from Viola and Benny and above all the stress of living in a shelter for so long had disappeared and his confidence improved 100%.  Viola and Benny after just 2 days decided they will adopt Stanley (Jazzman) as he was so much loved and such a great guy. 
A great ending for a great little dog and all thanks of course to Viola and Benny.

Happy Jazzman....Click here to see his video

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