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News Summer 2012.

Hobbs Ahoy!

Last month we had a very unusual e mail from a caring cat lover on board an off sure vessel. Albert ship had been docked in Larnaca on a recent visit but  once back  out at sea it seems that there was an addition member to the crew .Hobbs the cat must have come aboard and fallen asleep as the ship left shore  When Albert joined the vessel in Haifa he took care of the stowaway and grew very fond of the rather bedraggled cat . Albert believes that Hobbs must have had a home before as he is a friendly and gentle cat with no fear of humans.

Albert knew though that without his protection, Hobbs may not always be safe and so he turned to Argos for help sending us the following message

" I still have 4 weeks here on the vessel, and am afraid if I leave him (Hobbs)  in port on our next port call he might end up on a wrong vessel and be thrown overboard, not everyone is happy with a cat onboard."

So of course we had to respond to such kindness , so on his next shore leave Albert brought Hobbs to Argos where he is now boarding until heading for his new home with Albert and his 2 other cats in Holland.

We can't wait for pictures of a happy Hobbs in his new home with the wonderful Albert.

Hobbs was underweight and pretty messy when Albert found him.

Stowed away in the depths of the ship Albert found a rather grubby Hobbs

All ship shape and ready to go! After a bath and a bit of TLC Hobbs felt much better and was ready for his new temporary home at Argos.

Thankyou fund raisers.

Steve Marr is one of those very generous people who like to show support for local charities in their own quiet way.  Although he does not come to the shelter he has always supported ARGOS whenever he can. So far Steve has held 2  supper evenings in his home.  Steve pays caterers to do the food and each guest pays 5 euro but he takes no money out of it at all and gives it all (not even to pay the caterers) to ARGOS .  He also puts on a couple of party games where people partake at 1 euro a time and the money also goes to ARGOS .  He usually buys small prizes like bottles of wine out of his own pocket.  A generous man.  Recently he held one his very popular supper nights and invited friends and members of the Polygon Hash House Harriers who are a well established running group in the Larnaca area.  Steve raised 200 euro for ARGOS on this evening alone and plans more in the future.  Thanks for your kindness and generosity Steve.

Another supporter and fund raiser who has, on several occasions, donated money to ARGOS is Anne McCumiskey.  Ann is a very talented  accordion player and has been entertaining at local venues for some time.  She does not charge for the entertainment but always passes a box around the venue for donations which she generously gives to ARGOS .  Anns most recent venue was at the UKCA club which is a meeting clubhouse for all residents in Cyprus who originate from the United Kingdom .  Ann entertained them with all the old War Time songs so they could join in for a sing along.  Over 100 euro’s was collected and passed to ARGOS by Ann.  Thanks Ann, your support is much appreciated.

Thankyou Steve and Anne!

Army Volunteers help out Argos.

[Written by Stella Stylianou]

Once again, the Ayios Nikolaos army volunteers had devoted a Saturday morning, 23.06.12 to help out with chores at the shelter.  There were eight volunteers in all, quite a large number all in one go who gave of their free time to do chores that the staff and regular volunteers are unable to do due to the demanding duties they have to execute with 300 animals to feed and clean on a daily basis.  The volunteers came specifically to help out with difficult tasks and on this particular Saturday, they cleaned out the rain gulleyways of accumulated debris and stones which are kicked up by the dogs as they run up and down the steep slopes exercising. The guys did the heavy work whilst the ladies helped out with cleaning in the cat shelter.  After this, with just an hour left before they had to leave, they levelled our planting soil in readiness for other keen gardeners willing to offer some time to plant and pretty up the place.  We would like to thank the group who are:  Chris Rahaman, Anthony Xavier, Nigel Gurney, Ben Kay, John Gardener, Brooke & Loraine Morgan and Jean Fuller for their support.   I would also like to extend our gratitude to the British bases who have never stopped supporting us and continue to do so in many ways, whether this is in the form of manual labour, putting up tents for our events and their never ending generosity in filling up our cash donation containers which are located at different outlets on the base.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Ghandi ‘

Argos puppies win first prize!

On Saturday 21st April ARGOS volunteers took 2 puppies to a dog show at the UKCA in Larnaca.  We were very kindly offered free entry and the chance to show off some of our dogs needing homes. 

Katey and Bertie, 2 very small 8 week old puppies, were the lucky pair to enjoy a day out meeting other four legged friends and receive loads of cuddles from many 2 legged friends.

I am pleased to say that the puppies were awarded the following:

Katey    1st Place - Best Puppy in show

Katey    2nd Place - Best Dog in show

Bertie   2nd Place – Best Puppy in Show
Katey had so much interest offering a home from several people and has now been reserved for her forever home when she is ready to go in May. Bertie has also had interest and we hope that by next week the interested family would have made the decision to take Bertie into their hearts and home.

Katey and Bertie with their awards.