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Shock! - Billy a stray dog in Protaras thrown into a cardboard crushing machine.

Today, the whole island is in a state of shock at the news of a small stray dog whose presence apparently was bothering the hotel's management and the manager gave orders to the staff to get rid of the dog. The employees chased and caught the dog and promptly threw it into the cardboard crushing machine. Passing tourists terrified and confused heard the despairing cries of the poor little dog and witnessed the horrifying spectacle and managed to remove the dog.
Billy is now in the clinic in critical condition and the vets do not hold out much hope. She has been placed on a drip and had full blood tests which show that she is anaemic. They have not x-rayed her yet to see if any bones are broken because of her critical condition.
The police were at the veterinary clinic today and have taken photographs of Billy to start an investigation.
This horrific treatment of a stray animal has reverberated throughout the island and has left all of us shaking with anger because of the apathy of the relevant authorities to carry out their legal responsibilities. The public has long awaited a proper service for the control of abandoned pets and insists that the government authorities establish a proper animal control unit that will respond to the calls for controlling stray animals and not leaving them prey to sadistic people to deal with their unwanted presence.


Σοκ!  Ζωντανός σκύλος πετάχτηκε σε μηχανή σύνθλιψης χαρτοκιβωτίων στον Πρωταρα.

Άλλη μια απαράδεκτη συμπεριφορά απέναντι σε ζώο, η οποία διασύρει την Κύπρο στο εξωτερικό, καταγγέλλει το Κόμμα για τα Ζώα Κύπρου.
Διευθυντής ξενοδοχείου στον Πρωταρά έδωσε οδηγίες σε δύο υπαλλήλους του ξενοδοχείου να ξεφορτωθούν τη μικρή αδέσποτη σκυλίτσα, ονόματι Μπίλη.
Οι υπάλληλοι καταδίωξαν το σκυλάκι και όταν την συνέλαβαν την έριξαν ζωντανή μέσα στη μηχανή σύνθλιψης χαρτοκιβωτίων. Τουρίστες που ήταν κοντά έγιναν μάρτυρες αυτής της αποκρουστικής και βάρβαρης συμπεριφοράς. Το ζώο κραύγαζε απελπισμένα ενώ οι τουρίστες έντρομοι και συγχυσμένοι κατάφεραν και έβγαλαν από την μηχανή το αθώο πλάσμα.
Η σκυλίτσα βρίσκεται σε ιδιωτική κλινική σε πολύ κρίσιμη κατάσταση και της δίνονται οι πρώτες βοήθειες και είναι άγνωστο εάν τα καταφέρει να ζήσει.


Help stop Vivisection!

Please, Cyprus has no quota of signatures against vivisection, make your move in groups, email, etc etc, there are only a few days, Please Put on your FB pages. Signatures papers on secure signatures to the European Union website wherever you can is very urgent and very important.
Please click on the link below to help us stop vivisection.

A.F.C.C.P Launches

The Argos Famagusta Cat Care Project (A.F.C.C.P) is a project that was first conceived back in 2011 as part of the various animal welfare activities of the Argos Organisation in the Famagusta area.   The projects aim was primarily to address the over population of cat colonies in hotels and to help hoteliers manage these colonies humanely.  For a project of this scale to get off the ground it requires the dedication of volunteers and so with the established network of supporters at the Argos Sanctuary we were delighted that volunteer Lyn Gandy has taken the initiative to head this project and steer it forward along with a small team that include partner Martin Dickerson and fellow animal welfare campaigners, Julie Souter and Jo Bell. 

After several lukewarm responses from hoteliers, we were delighted when Tracey Steele who represents one of UK’s largest tour operators sent out an email to her many contacts asking them to consider the proposal.  It worked and soon we had confirmation emails from many expressing an interest to participate. 

Over the winter months two hotels in Ayia Napa committed to our project, first the Atlantica Sun Garden followed shortly by the Alion Beach Hotel and this has been very successful. 

The volunteers trap the cats, take them for sterilisation and return them to the hotel colony.  A feeding station and shelter has been set up by the volunteers (funded by the hotel, as is the sterilisation of their cat colony) within the hotel grounds so that the cats will not need to wander into the restaurants and kitchens looking for food.    We are hopeful that many more hoteliers will come on board when they see the advantages of controlling humanely their cat population, their promotion as such on our social media platforms, on Trip Advisor and through the press.  We also believe that tourists will show the hotels involved their support and already tourists at the Atlantica Sun Garden have funded the spaying of a further cat plus medical attention that was needed by a cat that seemingly had given birth to still born kittens

We will update regularly on new hotels joining the scheme and hope that our followers will in turn show support to these hotels. As always we are looking for more volunteers to help with the scheme.

The cat shelter and feeding station at the Atlantica Sun Garden.

Our overseas supporters.

May is a popular month for visitors to Cyprus because of the mild weather conditions and this May we have been very happy to welcome our UK friends who continue their support of the shelter in their own individual way.
In the photo from the right is Lorraine Jackson, her husband and friends, Steve and Eunice Ashford. I would like to add that whilst visiting the shelter, Steve and Eunice fell in love with one of the dogs and have now adopted Olga who will be ready to join them back home at the end of June.
Lorraine started the Iris handmade cards and whilst in Cyprus, passed on her skills to other volunteers to carry on making these cards for the benefit of the shelter.
Lorraine went back to the UK last year but she has not forgotten the Cyprus strays and is fundraising by selling her handmade cards in the UK and is also in the process of having canvas carrier bags printed with our logo as another fundraising item.
Lorraine has taken many photos of the shelter and its new additions to add to her growing album on the Argos shelter. This information is passed on to other sources for enlightenment and support.

What can we say but a humble thank you to them for their generous support and faith in our common mission. Stella.


Ο Μάιος είναι δημοφιλής μήνας για επισκέπτες στην Κύπρο λόγω του ήπιου καιρού και αυτόν τον Μάιο υποδεκτήκαμε με πολλή χαρά τους φίλους μας από το Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, οι οποίοι παρέχουν συνεχή στήριξη στο καταφύγιο με το δικό τους τρόπο. Στη φωτογραφία είναι (από τα δεξιά) η Lorraine Jackson, ο σύζυγός της, και οι φίλοι τους, Steve και Eunice Ashford. Θα ήθελα να προσθέσω ότι κατά την επίσκεψή τους στο καταφύγιο ο Steve και η Eunice «ερωτεύτηκαν» και υιοθέτησαν την 'Ολγα, έναν από τους σκύλους μας. Η Όλγα θα είναι έτοιμη να τους συναντήσει στο σπίτι τους στο τέλος του Ιούνη. Η Lorraine ξεκίνησε της χειροποίητες κάρτες Iris και καθώς ήταν στην Κύπρο έδειξε σε εθελοντές πώς να τις φτιάχνουν προς όφελος του καταφυγίου. Η Lorraine επέστρεψε στο ΗΒ πέρσι αλλά δεν ξέχασε ποτέ τα αδέσποτα ζώα της Κύπρου και συγκεντρώνει χρήματα για αυτά από τις πωλήσεις των χειροποίητων καρτών της στο ΗΒ. Παράλληλα βρίσκεται στη διαδικασία εκτύπωσης πάνινων τσαντών για ψώνια με το σήμα μας, από τις πωλήσεις των οποίων θα συγκεντρωθούν επιπρόσθετα χρήματα για το καταφύγιο. Η Lorraine έβγαλε πολλές φωτογραφίες του καταφύγιου και των νέων του κατοίκων για το άλμπουμ της, το οποίο χρησιμοποιά για διαφώτιση άλλων ατόμων και υποστήριξη για το καταφύγιο.

Τι μπορούμε να πούμε εκτός από ένα ταπεινό ευχαριστώ για τη γενναιόδωρη στήριξή τους και την πίστη τους στον κοινό μας σκοπό. Στέλλα.

Right to left is Lorraine Jackson, her husband and friends, Steve and Eunice Ashford.

Latest news on one of our own Venus!

We had news today of the progress of Venus who was given a chance by a shelter in the UK. 
She is still in a shelter but moved from the original one as they could not provide her with the necessary training she needed to bring her out of her constant fear.
She is now in a small pack and all the dogs with her are learning trust and learning life is not so scary after all.

Photo of Venus having a game of football with her new "pack".  Venus has certainly put some weight on.
Perhaps rugby is more her game!!

The Hill's Recovery Area ...Update.

Yet another remarkable transformation in our Hills recovery area . Tommy had struggled with stomach problems since he was a small kitten and was always thin and with a very poor coat. Now after six months on his special diet he has blossomed into a real fluff ball and has grown in confidence too..the sign of a very happy cat. We will soon slowly introduce these cats to a sensitive diet so they may continue to flourish. Once again a huge thank you to Hill’s Pet Nutrition Cyprus for sponsoring our delicate dozen! Check out Tommys before and after shots below.

Remarkable progress is being made with the cats in the Hill's recovery area. As this picture shows little Zorro who struggled to gain weight due to persistent diarrhoea is thriving on the new food along with his 11 other friends. Not only have all the cats gained weight but their coats are thicker and shinier too as you can see from the photo of nervous little cat Darwin, their  eyes and clear and bright , a sure sign of s healthy happy cat !

Before and After shots of Zorro.


A new life for Thunder.

Here Thunders owner Olivia shares in her own words the story of Thunders last six months with herself and partner Alex.
It has been six months now since we adopted Thunder a Staffy  cross who was savagely beaten within an inch of his life as a five month old puppy. We all know about Thunder's ordeal; the public outrage following the reports of his abuse caused shockwaves across social media and touched the lives of countless people all around the world—us included, of course. We had visited Thunder at the Argos Animal Sanctuary on several occasions over the course of a year before finally adopting him. He was extremely shy at first, wary of strangers and seemed to prefer keeping to himself, but on every occasion we visited him he opened up to us just a little more. When we finally brought Thunder home, he was understandably confused and hesitant in interacting with us, restricting himself to the living room where he slept on the sofa. On walks he would freeze at the sight of strangers and on many occasions pulled at the lead in an attempt to run away from what he perceived as a threat. We would take him to the dog park where just the sight of other people and even other dogs would terrify him and he would trot away with his tail tucked between his legs. After the first month, Thunder's demeanor shifted remarkably; he became obviously more comfortable, confident and playful, and his fearful attitude towards strangers completely disappeared.
He would no longer tug at the lead to run away from someone who just happened to be walking by, instead offering a curious and friendly sniff. Going to the park was no longer a stressful ordeal for him either, he started becoming more sociable, approaching other dogs and even made some friends with whom he'd run around and play with. Now, it's clear to us that Thunder has undergone a transformation from a scared, cagey introverted dog to a very friendly, playful and confident canine who loves to meet other dogs and people. Speaking of which, judging by the ridiculous speed at which he loves to run, Thunder's leg doesn't seem to bother him at all either. We are so happy with Thunder's remarkable transformation and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to play a part in it. We are confident that Thunder's traumatic past can finally be put behind him and we are hopeful that justice for Thunder will be served.

The dawn of a new chapter in Thunders life.

Thunder is now part of the family and is totally adored. Where they go he goes. Snaps from his album show Thunder has made many new friends and is doing what every dog has the right to do....playing!!