Your Letters

I adopted Perli aka Coral her on the 3rd of January 2016! Perli is a joy to have! She is hilarious but most of all so loving!
She immediately adapted to her new home( as you can see from the  photo's), she actually behaved from the first moment as if she always lived with us.
She makes me  laugh 24/7, she wants to be cuddled all the time ( wish granted!) and she happily plays with her toys all the time.
She has already learned to use her pampers that are on the floor and is very quick to learn overall.
In short, i was worried whether she would need time to adapt to her new home or miss her siblings but she just walks around from day 1 with a permanent
smile on her little face!
Thank you Stella, Sandy and all of you wonderful volunteers at Argos Animal Sanctuary for making me smile again after my little dog Spike passed away last year.
Even if i had 10 children.. I will always adopt and have a dog in my life, they are precious!

Aliki Demetriou.

"Hello, I visited Argos shelter 12th July 2015, actually looking for a biggish dog!!!

We were shown around spotless kennels , lovely clean happy dogs, The staff were very helpful , plenty information about the dogs I thought possibilities,  We progressed to the very last kennel, small dogs!!!  ( big dog remember) as at home in uk we always have big dogs, or proper dogs, as my family say, no bitches ever!!
So we approached 4 barking dogs and number 5 (yes small bitch) just stared at me as if to say please take me home, I walked her around and felt she was the one.
How right was I, we feel as though we've been together for years not 4 days, I am delighted with small dog AND bitch, every thing I did not want, She is loving, sweet, obedient, house trained, think I found dog of the year from Argos, Well done staff, you are doing a sterling job , we congratulate each and everyone at Argos,"
The cleanest ,we'll run, and most of  all, happy dogs  kennels.

Well done , my thanks , for finding me the right dog for my age, !!!!!!!! Great company,


I'm Serena, from my new home. Mom calls Serina to me and that's ok, I like that! It was quite exciting last week. I was very nervous and I was always running around.
Now I am already much better. My big brother is also nice. We run and play really great together. What I do not understand is when Mom switches on a machine in the kitchen but my brother is relaxed in the basket. I hide away in the back corner! Who knows what this thing wants! I sniff on each walk so many new things then I when we get home I am dead tired and fall into the basket asleep. In the evening we always cuddle all together on the sofa, which is sooo great! I'm fine, I'm happy. It is just a little cold  here. We were in the forest with this comical white stuff on the go from the sky. It makes you very cold, brrrrr.
Many greetings to all who have helped me and a lot of luck for my dog pals I have left behind!

Yours Serena.

For a good 6 weeks little Cookie has been with us and we cannot imagine a day without her.  She brings every day "life to the place," and is very happy and totally cuddly - a little sweetness, you can immediately get close to ♥.

She has been well settled, is very playful and likes it best when she jumps on mistress and cuddles with her. She likes to learn new commands and  it helps much that she  just can not resist treats She enjoys long walks, like at the beach, because she is a good swimmer and runs around in a large garden.

We are happy to have found the little cookie!
Many thanks to the whole team for smooth arrival and the friendly service.
Kind regards from Kappel
Cookie and family.


THANK YOU from the new owner - Petra Roith

A big hello to all Clyde friends!

Unfortunately I have not yet got over the  excitement and preparation but I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people and sponsors and especially of course Mr. fur. You have made it possible that Clyde could fly to me so fast! Clyde and I are so grateful!

Much love to all the wonderful helpers
Petra and Clyde.


We collected Pauly on 15.07.  Here are the latest pictures of Pauly.  I know you  are so much waiting for them. Pauly is doing very well! He enjoys it very much to be petted. He loves walks and has even a girlfriend. Please do not worry. We love Pauly very good and will take care of him. Of course we will stay in touch! Pauly's friends are my friends. That you miss him I can understand that. He is also a very special treasure. So gentle and loving, so affectionate and cuddly. To adopt him was the best decision ever, we are all happy.

Kind regards from the family Pauly, Gitti and Kalli


Just a quick 'Hello' to say that Mr Tucker is a beautiful boy with a lovely funny personality and nature. He had a big boys haircut again yesterday and was an angel. We love him so so much and it is reciprocated. Thank you for all your hard work and for Argos for giving him the chance to be part of our family.

Tami xx