3rd Primary School, Aradippou.

[Written by Stella Stylianou]

On 25th May 30 third class students from the Third Primary School in Aradippou visited the shelter on a workbook exercise.  The children had already been shown our website and the footage on the shelter and they had prepared themselves with many questions.  They were very inquisitive, as children are, and at the end of their tour and little lecture, they left all wanting to visit again and saying that when they grow up they want to be involved with animals.  The children all came laden with gifts of food for the animals.

The children went back to their school fired up and determined to raise money to help the animals at the shelter.  They initiated the preparation of some beautiful flyers which prompted the adoption of animals from the Argos shelter, to donate or to sponsor.  They got their mothers to bake cakes and put on a bake-sale, with soft drinks as well.  The children raised an amazing €160.

Our education programme is one of the most important if we are to make any headway with changing attitudes on animals and their needs.  These children were very young but so impressionable and absorb so much more.  They especially enjoyed the story I told them about how the phrase ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ came about.

Flyers designed by the pupils of 3rd Primary School Aradippou,

Thank you Falcon School.

Recently,  a small group of 5 students with their teachers from the Falcon School Nicosia visited Argos  to donate €100 euros they raised for charity from a bake-sale they organised.  The Falcon School are regular supporters to the shelter and every year for the past 3 years, we have received a donation of €200 - €300 raised by the children from a variety of fundraising events.   Instead of mailing the cheque as was always the case previously, their teacher decided that the children should visit and see for themselves where they were donating and how the money is used to help the dogs and cats.

Argos Educational Program.

The Younger the better.. A Visit to Laionikos Kindergarten School.

[Written by Nicos Kountouris]

What a nice way to start your day with a visit to a kindergarten school in
order to talk to 3 year olds about,  what else: dogs and cats!
The invitation came when Ms. Danae Agathokleous who's 3 year old son Alexis
attends the 'Laionikos' kindergarten school heard about Argos Presentations
on Animal Welfare. After contacting Argos to see whether we could do this,
she talked to her son's teachers Ms. Sotiroula Xatzisolomou and Ms. Maria
Kourouniadou and arranged the date. The two teachers have a special project for their class to teach children about animals and animal welfare and our visit to the kindergarten was part of that project.

Story telling "Avgi's rescue"                                                Petting time.

'Laionikos' is a very special kindergarten school. The project to construct a nursery and kindergarten school for the 'working mother' was inspired/completed and is managed by the Clubs 'Lions Nicosia' and 'Lioness
All the necessary arrangements were made so that I could take with me one of my rescued dogs, 'Avgi'.

No matter how many times the night before I had played in my head the stories I would tell the children,
the moment I walked in the room I had to go with the flow. So we started by introducing 'Avgi' to the
children and then going around the classroom so that the children could touch and pet 'Avgi'.
It was interesting watching the children's reactions: some were just touching her, some were really
petting her, some were hugging her but unfortunately a few were a little bit afraid of her.
Then I sat down on the floor to be at the same 'level' with the children and started telling them how
I rescued 'Avgi', making it sound like a fairy tale and improvising along the way!
Thanks to the Teachers' participation the story became more and more interesting.
Then we talked about how I take care of 'Avgi' and her grooming.

At the end I showed the children a small video of the shelter, where they could see a lot of our dogs and cats.
We concluded by showing the children how to walk 'Avgi' on a leash.

Reaching out to 200 students at once!

[Written by Nicos Kountouris]

The first Argos Presentation for 2012 was given beginning January and what an experience that was; 220 students, the teachers and the Principal attended the complete, 2 hour presentation with just one small break…

I admit I was a little bit anxious the night before because it was going to be the first time that I was going to present to such a big group… I was worried; would I be able to ‘keep interested’ 200 students ages 10-12 for almost 2 hours…

All my worries disappeared the moment I got the microphone in my hands and I started talking to the students. A great group of students, serious, aware of animal welfare issues, with opinion on matters of spaying/neutering… They participated, they got involved, and they had a story to tell…

We were kind of ‘delayed’ because I allowed too many questions, and after the first two teaching periods we didn’t finished. So the principal spoke to the children and asked them to raise their hands if they wanted me to continue for another teaching period, 40 minutes that is, after a small break. The reply from the children was heartwarming; I knew I had won them over when all the hands were raised in the air…

A special ‘Thank you’ goes to Christos Christodoulou, the teacher who invited me to the school, talked to the other teachers, got them involved and made all this possible.
Also a thank you to all the teachers that have included animal welfare issues in their teachings, something very obvious to me after talking to the students and of course a thank you to the school Principal Ms. Malamo.

School project on Animal Welfare.