G C School of Careers

G C School of Careers students visit the sanctuary

The children are our future… how true!

What a pleasure it is to have the younger generation embracing our cause.

Organized by Argos supporter and a teacher at the G. C. School of Careers Carmen Papacleovoulou, a group of 22 students visited the shelter just before Christmas.

With the guidance and support of Carmen, this group of students has been quite active for some time now collecting food for our animals, so it was a great day for all of us when this lovely group of youngsters were able to visit the shelter on our 'Xmas at the shelter' day in order to deliver the food themselves and spend some time with ours cats and dogs.


The morning passed very quickly with the students getting a private tour of the shelter by Argos President Stella , and what an inquisitive group they were. Stella though was well prepared and could answer all of their questions.

The surprise came when one of the students, with the permission of her parents adopted one of our puppies.

(You can see student Emily and her new puppy Cindy happy together in our "family album" pages).

And a comment from Carmen, "I would also like to thank you for making the day a memorable one for my students, they were really impressed and are already asking me when we are going again!"

The students proved very popular with our cats