The Grammar Junior School

The Grammar Junior School Initiative!

By Nicos [pictured here with staff and students from The Grammar Junior School]


Just before the schools were about to close for Christmas vacation we received a call from Maria, a teacher at The Grammar Junior School and of course an Argos supporter. She simply said that a team of animal loving teachers had organized a fund raising event at the school and that she would have liked someone from Argos to come to the school and receive the money.

On the 22nd of December, the very last school day I arrived at the school premises. It was a lovely sunny day and the children were out playing in the school yard. I met with Maria Andrea and Irene Patsalis, chatted about what else, Argos and our animals.

It was touching to hear the enthusiasm in their voices when they were talking about their fund raising event and the many more ideas they have and want to implement them in the future in order to help our animals.

As we were talking a group of students who participated in the event walked in the room and presented me with a check of 1350 euro! Excitement and enthusiasm was clearly written on the faces of the children because they had achieved their goal. What a great day that was for all of us.

We, the Argos team of volunteers, thank you!

Letter from the teachers:

We as teachers strongly believe in the importance of making children aware of their surroundings. As a change from our annual dog week the Grammar Junior School decided to have a raffle with lovely prizes donated by Malloupas and Papacostas, M.T. Technoline and Lambrianides.

The children were encouraged to sell as many tickets as they could with the hope that they would win one of the lovely prizes but simultaneously help an animal in need.

The children managed to raise 1350 euro. A sum we are sure the Argos Sanctuary will put to good use. Our furry friends are sure to have a good Christmas in the loving and caring environment known as Argos.

Many thanks to all who helped by buying a raffle.

Yes, you read it right... the children managed to raise 1350 euro.

Argos Sanctuary could not survive without the efforts of such little heroes, and we thank them again.

Thank You Grammar Junior School