News Spring 2011

Training School for Cyprus dogs in Germany

Who would have imagined that 16 months ago when the first Argos dog was rehomed in Germany, that 107 more dogs would follow in its footsteps?

Today in Germany the people who have become the proud owners of these dogs (and who live in relatively close proximity to one another) meet together each Sunday and socialise at dog training school.

Here their new dogs can learn some commands whilst their owners get the chance to meet other people who have adopted dogs from Cyprus and the dogs too can compare notes about their new homes.


Maddies Tale - From the pages of our 2011 Calendar to a loving home in Germany.

Back in August when our calendar was being shot, it was one particular puppy that caught photographers Jill and Simon Hacks attention. Little Maddie became the star of our calendar, posing so beautifully that she appeared not once but twice.

In early September Maddie was rehomed, but after subsequent home checks showed that conditions did not meet Argos standards (Argos policy on re homings) it was decided that Maddie should be returned to the shelter. On that very same day Christine, a holidaymaker from Germany, decided to visit the shelter.

Maddie spotted Christine the moment she was released and ran towards her as if she had known her from before. It was love at first sight for both of them and in true fairy tale fashion this story has a happy ending. Christine decided to adopt Maddie and after the required travel documents were prepared by Argos she returned to Cyprus to collect Maddie.

What else could we wish for them but of course – a happy ever after?


Christine sent us this wonderful update on Maddies first months.

After an 8 hour flight (unfortunately the flight to Frankfurt was delayed so she had to hold out a bit longer) we took her straight to the pet shop to buy her a new basket, which she chose herself. One of the photos shows her in he new basket with her favourite toy. We think she has a very good taste!


Of course she had a couple of "accidents" in her new home, but was very quick to learn that she has to go into the garden and not in the front room. Her favourite place to go is out in the fields, so we have two or three walks there a day.

We both look forward to the day I can let her off her lead so she can run after rabbits but at the moment she runs after everyone and everything so she has to be satisfied with digging for mice.

She is everybody’s darling and very photogenic as you can see. Although she has a lot of toys to play with she prefers being cuddled and continually stroked on her tummy. I think she is making up for the many months she had to share the affection given to her by you with other dogs in the sanctuary.

Please give our regards to all of your team and let them know that she will have a lovely life with her big new family here in Germany.

Thanks again for Maddie being at the sanctuary when I came along. I am sure she was destined to be with us :-)

Kindest regards


Hermes Airports and Argos joined forces to rescue ‘Victor’

Back in July Larnaca International Airport were inundated with reports from people who had spotted a mystery brown dog ( later to be named Victor) roaming the premises.

Sometimes in the parking area, sometimes in the arrivals and at other times in the departure areas of the airport. Several attempts were made to catch the dog but all proved fruitless.


At the beginning of October Argos were informed about the stray dog. It was by now established that he was friendly which was cause for concern as a friendly dog can be a problem and his trusting nature could get him into trouble. However he was also only moving at night, which made catching him difficult.

After a few phone calls and the positive response from the management of Hermes Airports we were given the information we needed. Over a period of two months a small group of Hermes employees gained Victors trust. Night shift worker Panicos told us how treats, sweet talk and a great deal of patience eventually won him the dogs trust and helped him to tame Victor.

A meeting was therefore arranged for Argos to meet with Panicos during his shift and Victor was handed into the safe care of The Argos sanctuary. Although sad to see him go Panicos was glad to hand over Victor knowing that he would be loved and cared for.

On Friday the 4th of February and after spending four months at the sanctuary, Victor was adopted . What a great day for a lucky dog!

Thank you to all those who contributed to making this possible , and special thanks to Hermes Airports for their patience and sensitivity towards a homeless animal.

Perseverance paid off and Victor is now safe and settled in is new home.


RAVC we salute you

We would like to thank Episkopi RAVC (Royal AIr Veterinary Corps) for their generous donation of 1,000 euros.

Military vet Matthew Clark (seen here left) handed Stella the cheque in support of the work Argos do for animal welfare on the island and for the help given to the Dhekelia Dog Unit.

Argos have taken in several stray dogs from Dhekelia and found new homes for them.

We are delighted to have the support of the British Forces.



Heading for Germany

We have past the hundred mark and are still delighted to be sending our dogs to wonderful homes in Germany. This month we bid "Aufwiedersehen" to Max, Chalky , Randy , and Fizz.