News 2009

Protestors lobby the ministry

On May 23rd over 300 protesters representing the numerous animal charities on the Island came together as one to protest outside the ministry of Agriculture in Cyprus. The C.V.A (Cyprus voice for animals) organised the protest with two main issues in mind. Firstly to call for the enforcement of the law banning the Poison Lanate and secondly to request the implementation of a special animal welfare police division.

The poison Lanate that causes such a cruel and agonising death to animals has been banned since march 2009 and yet is still in widespread use.

Protester Lynn experienced the devastating effects of the poison first hand when she was faced with 20 dead or dying cats in Kapparis back in February. The colony, which was almost all, neutered and kept healthy by animal loving locals, was almost totally wiped out by the cowardly and criminal act of poisoning. Lynn remembers the event with horror.

“There was a look of sheer terror in the animals eyes. They were bleeding and frothing at the mouth, fitting, and had lost control of their bowels. It was the most traumatic experience of my life, one I don’t think I'll ever be able to forget”

Raise the roof!

Just in time for the hot weather the new dog run roof has now been completed. Stretching right across the 8 runs the roof will provide much needed shade for both dogs and volunteers alike as temperatures reach over 30 degrees.

The front section of each dog run is now concreted making the area more hygienic and easier to clean. Along with the designated dog shed (kindly donated by Phil and Sandy Exeley) and some very roomy new kennels courtesy of Dhekalia Garrison the dog area is now running smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to this Argos has almost competed its Quarantine block. This purpose built area will be the first stop for all new arrivals where they can be health checked before being introduced to the other animals. It will also provide a safe and peaceful area for any sick animals or nursing mothers.

Our resident ‘Jim’ll fix it’ has also begun work on both the new puppy runs and boarding cattery. The boarding cattery, which will generate much-needed funds for Argos, hopes to welcome its first guests at Christmas time and will initially cater for up to ten cats and ten dogs.



Dozens of doggy devotees young and old gathered at Ormidhea in March to raise funds for Argos with a sponsored walk. The 4km route along the coastal path gave many Argos dogs an important opportunity to socialise, some even got a dip in the sea.

On returning to the sanctuary there were bric-a-brac, bakery and refreshment stalls all manned by wonderful volunteers also biscuits and water for our four-legged friends.

The walkers too got their reward in the form of exercise and meeting friends old and new were all little stars.

The day raised an fantastic 1400 Euros for Argos so well done to organizers Norma, Andrea and all those involved. Argos dogs are all available to be walked daily if you have a little spare time.


A beautiful gift

On final completion of the Argos Sanctuary pride of place will be given to our latest acquisition, a beautiful Icon pained by renowned Cypriot Artist Costas Glikeriou.

Costas [pictured left presenting Argos President Stella with the Icon] has painted over 300 icons and his frescoes adorn the walls of over 40 churches.

The stunning icon depicts St. Modestos, St. Neophytos and St. Francis of Assisi with the following dedication by Pauline Lyne-Maries in memory of her beloved cat Timothy who was shot and killed:

“In loving memory of Timothy, that one day the cats and dogs of Cyprus with the help of Argos, find a life free of cruelty and full of love”

Pauline’s great love of animals has saved many lives and yet her local council persecutes her for her efforts rather than praise her good work.

In appreciation of the support that Argos has shown her through some difficult times, Pauline her friend Costas to create an icon for Argos depicting the saints who protect animals.

The Icon can currently be appreciated at Argos's Ormidhea shop.


Kitty Litters!

Its that time of year again - kitten season. Over the past month several litters of kittens have been brought in to the sanctuary without their mothers.

We know very little about their backgrounds, some are simply dumped by owners who have not taken the responsibility of spaying their cats; others have lost mothers to poisoning or road traffic accidents.

Sadly some of them are just too weak to survive without their mums and despite the hard work of dedicated Argos volunteers (who work around the clock to hand rear younger ones in their own homes) we inevitably have sadly lost some to viruses and other sickness.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with fostering these very young kittens so if this is something you could do in the future please get in touch.


Making a good impression

In May we were delighted to welcome two visitors from SUFA; a Swiss Foundation that aims to assist animal welfare organizations to improve the quality of animal shelters. Their President Suzy Utzinger and vet, Susi Hafliger spent an entire weekend vaccinating and deworming all the cats and deworming and micro chipping all the dogs.

We are proud to have made a lasting impact on both these caring professionals who were impressed by the cleanliness sociability and wellbeing of our animals and of the sanctuary project itself. Argos was rewarded with a gift of 1500 from the foundation for which we are very grateful.

Equally impressed were the WSPA (representatives World Society for the Protection of Animals) who visited the sanctuary the very next day on a fact-finding mission on the animal shelters in Cyprus. Argos has since been invited to become honorary members of WSPA, which demands very high standards from its members. It’s encouraging to know that all the hard work is not only being noted but praised too.


Bye Bye Betty


Last month we waved goodbye to our lovely Betty as she headed off to her new life in Germany.

The German charity CYDRA (Cyprus dogs re homing association) has proved to be a hugely successful link up for Argos.

Strict German animal welfare laws ensure a safe and happy future for our dogs and its heartwarming to see photos of them settling happily into their new homes.

This month Mitzi, Candy and our old friend John all followed in Betty's paw prints jetting off to new homes.

Betty (now re named Catie), pictured above, has plenty to smile about.


Talking shop

April saw the opening of another Argos charity shop in Ormidhea selling a great section of clothes, books, and household items.

Argos president Stella has been hands- on putting in shifts whilst we search for more volunteers. Please get in touch if you can spare a few hours a week.


With special thanks

There are too many of you to mention you all by name, so a big thank you from all at Argos for your donations, your time, your unwanted goods and your support over the past few months. There have been some unique and original ways of helping us out and each one makes life a little easier for both the volunteers and animals alike.

Thanks to lady captain Nancy Cornish and the other members of the Dhekalia Golf Club whose Easter round of golf raised around 400 Euros.

Also To Erika Tim and Claire Price who forfeited their presents and instead requested pet food for Argos as gifts at their birthday barbecue.

There are so many more and you know who you are, so once again thank you. With your help, we can help.