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On this page Argos founder Stella will regularly bring you up to date news on a wide range of subjects concerning the shelters activities and any other information that concerns animal welfare in general. Whatever the news and however it affects the shelter and its mission, our supporters have a right to know.

Dear supporters here are August 2013 monthly updates.


Charlie, Leyna, Terry, Nina, Digger, Chloe.
Total Rehomed

Giggs,Chips, Ralph.
Baz, Chalky, Jemima, Massey, Digger, Fergie, Erika, Falcon, Harvey.
Rosa, Opal, Sylke, Cassius, Reece.
Pipa, Lulu, Daisy.


Total Rehomed




Another food donation from Germany – 27/08/13.

Our German friends and colleagues have once again arranged for another food delivery of 3 large pallets each weighing 534kg for the dogs in a concerted effort to help us sustain them.  Not only are they helping us with food but they are trying very hard to rehome as many dogs as possible, thereby alleviating some of the pressure from the many animals at the shelter.  Unfortunately though, as fast as we are trying to rehome the situation is not getting any better for they are still being abandoned in droves.

Peter and Karin Wehrlin – Switzerland.

Peter and Karin Wehrlin have been coming to Cyprus for many years and having a home here, they consider Cyprus their home away from home.  Back in Switzerland they volunteer for the local dog shelter to walk dogs.  About 3 years ago on one of their trips here they looked us up and have been walking Argos dogs as well and have donated money to the shelter each time they visit.
Peter and Karin have informed me that they will visit Cyprus again in October and have asked if we would be interested in having a solar system installation to enable us at least to run a refrigerator, a few lights and the washing machine. Some of the equipment he has had donated from a friend of his in Switzerland and will bring it with him and the remaining items needed for the installation, he will buy in Cyprus as a donation from himself and Karin.  Of course we accepted and thanked them very much for their kindness and generosity to help us with such an installation as we are not connected with any power other than generators to carry out other chores and these fuel costs are high. We will give updates and photos of the installation in our October updates.

Anne Chougal – Belgium.

Anne is another of our long-standing supporters who follows all our news and updates with interest and has supported many of our projects financially.  Anne has always surprised us with her sensitivity and generosity. Last year Anne also came to our Dog Walk and volunteered on our stalls and generally helped wherever hands were needed.  On many occasions Anne has donated individual amounts of €1,000 and recently has sponsored entirely one of the issues of our 2014 Calendar which has been printed both in desk and wall formats.  Photo attached of our front page Calendar 2014.
Apart from this financial support, Anne also donates items for our charity shops. Many thanks to Anne for her love of animals and her loyal and constant support to their cause.

Tricia and Bobby Lilley - UK.

I cannot actually remember the first time I met Tricia and Bobby which of course gives you an indication of how long it has been.  The first time was when they contacted me out of the blue with a huge donation of items for our charity shops and I believe it was also when they moved to Cyprus from the UK.   Tricia and Bobby came to the shelter on a weekly basis bringing food and titbits for the dogs, donating shop items and money.  When we were collecting leftover food from hotels and restaurants to supplement the food for the animals, Tricia and Bobby did the same in their town, collecting from two tavernas and delivering to us.
They have always been generous and have donated on several occasions also individual amounts of €1,000 to support specific causes.  They are sensitive and loyal supporters of the animals but now we do not see them so often as Bobby unfortunately is not very well and Tricia is nursing him 24/7.  Tricia though never forgets the shelter and is always in contact if we need help.  Thank you to Tricia and Bobby for their love and loyalty to the animals.

Mike Johnson – Major Marine Diesels Ltd.

Mike Johnson is a local and his business in building and repairing generators is in the Xylotympou Industrial Estate.  We met him about 4 years ago when he and his wife Fay, visited the shelter.  They adopted a dog and noticing that we had no power supply at the shelter, he donated a generator to generate water from the borehole for our cleaning purposes.
At a later stage he also built and donated a larger generator which had the capacity to provide power for the whole shelter. We know that to purchase such a generator would have cost us thousands, money that we did not have and would not have been able to accumulate at any time in the near future for this purpose.   It is an invaluable asset as we use it constantly.  Thank you Mike and Fay for your generosity and support.
Indeed where would we be if it were not for all those supporters both known and unknown who give generously so that animals will have a chance to live as well but I hope that at least we like to honour them in the best way we can.
No School visits or presentations due to the School Summer holidays


Dear supporters please read this announcement regarding Animal Welfare Police.

Φίλοι, φίλες και συνεργάτες,

Η Φωνή για τα Ζώα της Κύπρου είχε συνάντηση με το νέο Υπουργό Δικαιοσύνης κ. Ιωνά Νικολάου. Αποκλειστικό θέμα προς συζήτηση ήταν η προώθηση της δημιουργίας  «Αστυνομίας  Προστασίας Ζώων» η οποίο θα εξειδικευόταν αποκλειστικά για την  εφαρμογή των προνοιών του Περί Προστασίας και Ευημερίας των ζώων Νόμου και γενικά τις νομοθεσίες που αφορούν ζώα (πάγιο αίτημα μας εδώ και χρόνια).

Μετά  λύπης μας σας πληροφορούμε ότι  το σώμα αυτό υπό τις παρούσες συνθήκες ΔΕΝ μπορεί να δημιουργηθεί, παρόλο που μιλάμε για 10-15 άτομα για όλη την Κύπρο. Ο  κ. υπουργός  κατανοεί τα διάφορα  προβλήματα που προκύπτουν στην εφαρμογή του Νόμου και  υποστηρίζει ότι αυτά τα καθήκοντα  πρέπει να τα αναλάβει η «Κοινοτική Αστυνομία», δηλαδή οι αστυνομικοί της γειτονιάς. Λόγω του ότι ο θεσμός αυτός δεν είναι σε Παγκύπρια  βάση, υποσχέθηκε ότι σύντομα θα επεκταθεί . Δόθηκαν δε οδηγίες όπως οι αστυνομικοί της γειτονιάς  τύχουν ειδικής εκπαίδευσης επί του θέματος.

Για το σκοπό αυτό, η κ. Μαίρη Αναστάση, πρόεδρος της Φωνής για τα Ζώα της Κύπρου και λέκτορας στην Αστυνομική Ακαδημία από το 2009 για θέματα Ευαισθητοποίησης για την Ευημερία και Προστασία των Ζώων αλλά και της Νομοθεσία 46(Ι), 1994, προέβη άμεσα στην πραγματοποίηση των εν λόγω σεμιναρίων στα οποία έλαβαν μέρος 70 άτομα. Με την ευκαιρία επιθυμούμε να ευχαριστήσουμε τον αρχηγό της Αστυνομικής Δύναμης Κύπρου κ  Μιχάλη Παπαγεωργίου  για την συμβολή τους στην πραγματοποίηση των εν λόγω σεμιναρίων αλλά και την Αστυνομική Ακαδημία Κύπρου για τις διευκολύνσεις.  Τέλος, σας διαβεβαιώνουμε, ότι παρόλη την υποτροπή στο θέμα, στόχος μας πάντα θα είναι η δημιουργία Αστυνομίας Προστασίας Ζώων, όσο χρόνο αν αυτό μας πάρει!
Θα σας κρατάμε ενήμερους για οτιδήποτε επί του θέματος.

English Below

Dear friends and associates,

Cyprus Voice for Animals had a meeting with the new Minister of Justice,  Mr Ionas Nicolaou. The only subject discussed was the establishment of an ‘Animal Welfare  Police’ which would be dedicated solely to enforcing the provisions of the Animal Protection and Welfare Law and all other laws relating to animals in general (a demand repeatedly put on the table by us for many years).

It is with great regret that we must inform you that under the current circumstances this force CANNOT be established, even though what we are talking about is a mere 10-15 policemen for the whole of Cyprus. The minister understands  the various problems that arise in the implementation of the Law but believes that these duties should be undertaken by ‘Community Policing’, in other words, neighbourhood police officers. Community policing has not yet been established throughout Cyprus, and the minister promised that it would soon be expanded throughout the island. Instructions have been issued  for the neighbourhood police to be specially trained on animal welfare and protection matters.

For this purpose, Mrs. Mary Anastasi, President of CVA and lecturer at the Police Academy since 2009 on subjects related to Raising Awareness on Animal Protection and Welfare as well as Law 46(Ι), 1994, was invited to prepare the content of these seminars and proceeded with the presentation with an attendance of  70 neighbourhood police.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cyprus Chief of Police, Mr Michalis Papageorgiou for his help in organising the seminars and the Police Academy for facilitating them.

Finally, we wish to assure you that despite the current lack of success, we will not give up and will continuously work towards the goal of establishing  an Animal Protection Police Unit, however long it takes!

We will keep you informed of all developments.

Dear supporters please read this very important message regarding MP'S on circuses June 28 2013

Thank you


Cyprus Voice for Animals expresses its  satisfaction as the Cyprus Parliament voted and  passed the various  amendments of  the law on Animal welfare (46 (I) 94 which are:

1. Ban the use of any animals in circuses

2. The administrative fines (up to 5000 Euros) in cases of violation of the Law for Protection and Welfare of animals or of the Regulations and Orders derived from the Law.

3. The prohibition of surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of an animal or for other non-curative purposes shall be prohibited and, in particular the docking of tails, the cropping of ears, devocalization, declawing and defanging. Exceptions to these prohibitions shall be permitted only if a veterinarian considers non-curative procedures necessary either for veterinary medical reasons or for the benefit of any particular animal and to prevent reproduction. The owner of the animal must have documentation by the vet verifying the necessity of the surgical operation.

4. The prohibition of the killing of animals for entertainment. The prohibition does not apply to game animals during hunting.

Cyprus is the second EU country, following  and  Greece, that bans the use of  all animals in circuses. Well done Cyprus.

Greek Below.

H Φωνή για τα Ζώα της Κύπρου χαιρετίζει την απόφαση της ολομέλειας της Κυπριακής Βουλής η οποία ψήφισε το νομοσχέδιο που αφορούσε την τροποποίηση του νόμου περί ευημερίας και προστασίας των ζώων (46(Ι)94, δηλαδή:

1.   Απαγόρευση της χρήσης κάθε είδους ζώου σε τσίρκα.

2.  Επιβολή διοικητικών προστίμων (μέχρι 5000 Ευρώ) για παραβίαση διάταξης του περί Προστασίας και Ευημερίας των ζώων Νόμου ή των δυνάμει αυτού εκδιδόμενων Κανονισμών ή Διαταγμάτων.

3. Απαγόρευση κάθε χειρουργικής επέμβασης για τον σκοπό αλλαγής της εξωτερικής εμφάνισης ζώου ή για άλλους μη θεραπευτικούς σκοπούς, και ιδιαίτερα η αποκοπή ουρών και αυτιών και η αφαίρεση των φωνητικών χορδών, των νυχιών και των δοντιών των ζώων, εκτός στις περιπτώσεις που ο κτηνίατρος θεωρεί τις μη θεραπευτικές διαδικασίες αναγκαίες, είτε για κτηνιατρικούς λόγους, είτε προς όφελος οποιουδήποτε συγκεκριμένου ζώου και το τεκμηριώσει γραπτώς και ο ιδιοκτήτης ή/και κάτοχος ζώου έχει στην κατοχή του την εν λόγω τεκμηρίωση.

4.  Η απαγόρευση της  θανάτωσης ζώου για σκοπούς ψυχαγωγίας ή άλλους ανεπίτρεπτους σκοπούς, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της χρήσης ζώων ως στόχων εξάσκησης. Από την απαγόρευση εξαιρούνται τα θηράματα που θανατώνονται στα πλαίσια κυνηγετικής δραστηριότητας.

Η Κύπρος είναι η δεύτερη χώρα της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, μετά την Ελλάδα, η οποία απαγορεύει τη χρήση  όλων των  ζώων στα τσίρκα.  Μπράβο στην Κύπρο!!!

May 2013 Updates.

Parliamentary environmental committee session.

On 23rd May a meeting was held at the House of Representatives to discuss the animal welfare law which is under reform at present.  In particular, it was to discuss the banning of animals in circuses and the implementation of an EU agreement on the banning of tail docking. 
Children from a primary school in Nicosia, together with their teachers, gathered outside the House of Representatives with placards asking for the ban of circus animals to be implemented and they handed in their petition to the environmental committee.
Attending the meeting were representatives of all the relevant government departments, from the office of the Attorney General, union of municipalities and communities, pan-Cyprian Veterinary Association, animal welfare organisations and the Cyprus Canine Association.  
There was a consensus on the banning of animals in circuses, a united front on the banning of tail docking from all present except a strong opposition from the Canine Association regarding the ban, particularly as regards to 4 specific breeds of dogs.  They claimed that when the dogs are out hunting they go into thorny thickets and as the dog starts to wag his tail excitedly on seeing the prey, the dog injures his tail on the thorns.  One MP wanted to know why only the tail got injured and not the rest of the dog’s body! 
A load of rubbish as far as we are concerned and probably, as the dog wags its tail at seeing the bird in the bush, the noise frightens it off and this is what they want to prevent of course. 
Anyhow, after everybody said their piece, the veterinary services said that Cyprus had no choice but to implement the ban because Cyprus had signed an EU agreement a few years ago and are now set to ratify the terms of that agreement.

Our volunteers.

Although Argos is one of the five largest sanctuaries on the island, its faithful volunteers can be counted on the fingers of one hand.  We have lost many volunteers due to the economic hardships faced by the majority of the island’s population and as hard as it has been for many, luckily enough, our longstanding volunteers are still with us and continue to apply their unique individual talents for the benefit of the shelters animals.  Their generosity and support keeps us solvent for they not only give of their valuable time but their wallets are also taxed to a greater degree. 
During the course of our monthly updates, Argos would like to pay tribute to its volunteers who encompass the fundraisers, the fosterers, those who promote our cause from afar but at the same time to thank all its supporters who donate either in goods for our charity shops, those who sponsor our animals and those with cash donations.  Whatever method of support is adopted, they all contribute to support the animals in our care. For this month, Argos will pay tribute to two of its fundraisers and with every monthly update, others will be mentioned for their services to the shelter and to animal welfare in general.

Argos Support Norway.

Anne-Mari Helsing is one of our few loyal supporters from Norway who first visited Argos in 2010 after she had rescued a kitten called Amigo and then in 2011 her daughter rescued another kitten, Pansy.   Since then, Anne-Mari has been a staunch supporter of the shelter and as a member of the Norwegian Wolf Pack, the animal welfare cause in general. 
Apart from her own generous donations, Anne-Mari started the Argos Support Norway by creating a link from our facebook page to promote further the work of Argos in her home land  and scrolling down on the right you will see  Support Argos. 
The site promotes the sponsoring of our animals and all the news and activities of the shelter.  Anne-Marie works hard to promote interest and posts stories and updates on the sponsored animals for the benefit of the sponsors.  Anne-Mari’s dedication generates a lot of interest for our mission, which would otherwise be unknown in Norway.  In her recent trip to Cyprus in May, Anne-Marie came with a donation of 500 euros from sponsors, herself included, to purchase necessary medications for both dogs and cats.  These included worming tablets and flea/tick control.

Anne-Mari and Stella at the vet clinic buying the medications.

Chrystalla Kyriacou – fashion and art photographer extraordinaire.

Our very talented marketing manager, Jo Bell, met Chrystalla at one of the dogathons in Nicosia.  Jo Bell was interested in Chrystalla’s fashion work and knowing that she was also a big animal lover they started discussing a fundraising idea that Jo had which was to do a photo exhibition.  In Jo’s own words, ‘we spoke about getting involved and Chrystalla’s ideas, organising abilities and professionalism were amazing.  That, combined with Constantinos Sideris’ organising skills as well, the photo exhibition materialised and the name ‘UNITE’ was Chrystalla’s idea.   Unite Exhibition took place at the Hilton Hotel on 25 & 26 May 2012.  The exhibition’s organisers spent a great deal of time and money promoting it and making it the success it was.  All the exhibited works were sold out and included photographic works by Chrystalla  and Constantinos Sideris. 
 Portraits for Life – Photo sessions 13th & 14th April completed May 2013
A second fundraising idea formulated and here again, Chrystalla’s amazing talents as a photographer excelled and the end results of her work were exceptional.  We don’t realise just how much time it takes to take a photo in a studio that should look so natural but at the same time have a professional finish;  how many photo shoots it takes to get the right pose.  Difficult enough when there are children involved and almost impossible when it involves people with their pets.   Here is the test of a true professional  and Chrystalla is, without question, an artist.  Attached is a sample of her work and depicts Chrystalla with her own pets.  The flyer is a further testament to her great and unique work.   
Chrystalla has again contributed so generously to this project by paying for the studio sessions, mounting the photographs  and of course her valuable time in setting up the studio and the time to do the photo shoots.


Dear friends and supporters,
The new Dog Law Amendments issued by Ministry of Interior were written only in Greek. Cyprus Voice for Animals (CVA) sensing that the thousand of European Citizens,
and not only, living in Cyprus were entitled to read the Dog Law Amendents at least in Enlish, we have asked our devoted supporter and animal lover Ms Rhea Frangofinou, to translate it into English which she gladly did, free of charge.
Thank you very much Rhea.

Please read the ammentments and if you have any comments on the already existing changes or you want to add any other suggestions that you might feel that this law ought to be changed too, please send it directly to with a CC to so that we can back up your suggestions
(if of course we agree with).

Thank you very much. Dead line for sending your comments is December 28,

Mary Anastasi
Cyprus Voice for Animals

Please click on the link below to open the document.

Dog law in English.       Dog Law amendements in English.

September News 2012.

Argos Annual Statistics.

Every year all government registered animal welfare organisations have to submit an annual report to the Chief Vet showing their activities throughout the year.  The amount of the annual government grant is based on the extent of the organisations activities.

Being one of the largest shelters on the island, we have been receiving for the past 3 years an annual grant in the sum of €7,500 (the highest amount granted to each of the 5 large shelters) which reflects the scope of our work covering many aspects of animal welfare.  Here below, is our 2011 report as submitted to the authorities:

2011 Annual Report.

Dog Runs.

In 2011 – 2012  we began upgrading the main 8 dog runs.  We extended the concrete floor to give more room, built a plinth to situate the sleeping kennels off the ground,  built a dividing wall and gutter as protection against the inclement weather conditions and to prevent flooding of the sleeping areas.

Body shop international - small grants project.

In September 2010 the Body Shop International invited our organisation to submit an application for their small grants sponsorship project in the amount of £3,000. 
We submitted our plans for a much needed quarantine building and we were approved receiving the amount of €3,438.  This amount covered the costs for 5 kennels and the remaining 9 kennels are open to sponsorships either from individuals, companies or groups.

Argos Activities.

Argos is active in the Districts of Larnaca & Famagusta in the implementation of the following programmes:

  • Offers shelter to unwanted, sick and injured dogs and cat.
  • Subsidised programme for low income families in spaying/neutering their pets. 
  • Investigates complaints of animal abuse and reinstating better living conditions or where necessary, confiscation of the animals.
  • Cooperation with the government in the implementation of the spay/neuter/release of feral cats programme.
  • Active European rehoming programme of our dogs and cats.
  • Educational programmes for schools.

Educational programmes.

Students visiting the Shelter.

G.C.School of Careers, Nicosia.
Pascall English School, Nicosia.
Xenion High School, Paralimni.
Klirou 2nd District Gymnasium, Nicosia.
Grammar School, Nicosia.
Athienou Primary School.
American Academy, Larnaca.

In school presentation by our lecturer nicos kountouris.

Grammar School, Junior  - 150 students.
3rd Primary School, Makedonitissa, Nicosia – 150 students.
‘A’ Primary School, Xylotympou – 60 students.
‘B’ Primary School, Ormidhia – 30 students.
Pancyprian Gymnasium, Nicosia – 60 students (presentation & workshop).

Animal Movement.

Rescued Dogs
Existing Dogs

Rescued Cats
Existing Cats

Rehomed Dogs
Czek Rep

Rehomed Cats

Fund raising Events 2011.

Sponsored Dog Walk – 10 April 2011
Cyprus Voice for Animals – clinic donation
Agia Napa Festival – 23, 24 & s5 September
Argos Open Day 4 October
Lithos Bar event 26 November
Dog Splash event 26 November
Loula Josephides – donation
Cyprus Voice for Animals – spaying/neutering  donation
Dinner event
Simon Brandler – tourist donation
Govt. Funding for 2010

Total =


Future plans.

The aim of the Argos Organisation is for the shelter to become self-sufficient and future plans for the realisation of our goal is the creation of various income-generating outlets.  These include:

Veterinary Clinic
Foundations laid
Pet shop / gift shop
Part of the clinic building
Pet grooming salon
Building commenced
Plans being drawn
Boarding facility for dogs and cats
Already in operation
Charity shop
Agility / dog training courses
Completed and operational

The success of any project is dependent upon an efficient operational centre offering information, services, educational / enlightenment programmes and recreational activities for both the young and old visitor to the centre.  We are confident that the Argos shelter will be viewed not only as a shelter to harbour destitute animals but will become an important centre for social and community development and a one-of-a-kind project.