1.The holding pens are where new dogs are admitted or any dogs awaiting export. Every dog that comes into Argos must have a check over and of course be neutered or spayed. 
2. Holding pens. 
3. The holding area is for dogs awaiting operations or on medication. Each dog has a chart and a tub for its meds. 
4.The centre of the holding area is shaded so that dogs can get out and stretch their legs whilst recovering from any operation. 
5.Each puppy run has no more than six small dogs. 
6.To the right the puppy runs for our smallest dogs. New signposting by manager Andrew clealy points visitors around the shelter. 
7.The front runs are for smaller breed dogs. 
8.Each puppy run has a secure and warm sleeping area. 
9.The names of our dogs and their photo are placed in each run to help visitors. 
10.Manager Stella gets a hug from Spike in the main dog run. You can see how many kennels are needed. These need to be replaced regularly. 
11.Our long dog runs mean that the dogs are never overcrowded. We would love however more donationsfor fast growing trees.

1.The main cattery yard is home to nearly 100 cats. 
2.Inside the cat shed its cosy and warm with plenty of comfy beds. 
3.Chlorine tubs provide perfect hide holes for our cats. 
4.The shaded Hills area. 
5.The kitten cabin is with a small area entirely sponsored by Hills Pet Nutrition Cyprus. Here cats requiring special diets have all their needs met. 
6.The door to the left is the feed room! 
7.The main cat shed is a warm and safe place for the cats to sleep or simply chill out. The shutters are rolled down at night to keep them cosy in the cooler months.
1.Sponsorship allows us to improve our facilities. 
2.After vandals stripped our old van bare we were overwhelmed by the support that helped us to buy this smart new van. 
3.From left to right, feed store,staff room, grooming parlour, quarantine and loo! 
4.Shop and reception. 
5.The solar panels are working our solar powered fridge..again donated. We are very lucky. 
6.The boarding kennels and exercise yard. 
7.Spotless boarding block. 
8.Boarding kennels. 
9.Our new medical rooms, reception and shop were built entirely thanks to donations from our supporters. We hope in the future to have an on site vet. Until the sterile rooms can be used by visiting vets for simple procedures such as vaccines. 
10. An overview of the shelter. Red roof is the holding block with the main dog runs to the right and the cattery in the background. 
11.Cattery area. Foundations show where our new reception and medical school rooms are now situated. 
12.Boarding kennels block.