• MALE/FEMALE - female
  • BREED - spaniel mix
  • SIZE - small
  • AGE - born May 2021
  • Health - vaccinated

Background information:  

Meg and her siblings were abandoned on the track outside the Argos Animal Shelter. They were left at a point where they could have got onto the motorway. When we found them they were just about to walk onto the motorway. Fortunately we found them in time. Meg was limping and so she was rushed to the vet and had to have surgery for a broken leg. The vet is very pleased with the results of the surgery and it does not seem to have bothered her in anyway she has made a full recovery and is now playing happily with her siblings.


Argos Animal Sanctary                   PO Box 45522
7450 Ormidiea 
Registered Charity Number 2864


Email: argos@cytanet.com.cy         

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