• MALE/FEMALE - male
  • BREED - Golden Labrador
  • SIZE - medium-large
  • AGE - senior dog, 15 years
  • Health - microchipped, neutered and vaccinated

Background information:  

Teddy was found in an abandoned car garage, tied on a chain with the only shelter being two barrels with a piece of wood on top of them. Nobody knows how long he was tied there, but a grave was dug next to him and looked like he was destined to be buried in it. Teddy is blind and he is 15 years old. A lovely character,  he enjoys walks, human company, playing ball, being groomed and being bathed. A very gentle  boy who cowers when told off by his kennel mate, LoubyLou who is half his size. Can anyone offer this boy a warm comfortable home for this latter part of his life?

Kindly sponsored by Georgia Thomson, UK.


Argos Animal Sanctary                   PO Box 45522
7450 Ormidiea 
Registered Charity Number 2864


Email: argos@cytanet.com.cy         

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